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  • lukey - Pricey but worth it

    love these probiotics. They are on the pricey side, but worth the extra money. If i take one tablet daily, I really do feel better stomach-wise! I am lactose intolerant and generally sensitive to a lot of foods. I get stomach aches and nausea frequently. Align seemed to help with these symptoms if i was persistent with taking them.

  • J. Manfrede - Great product!

    I use this product to help give me an extra boost of energy. I have been working on weight loss and no longer drink soda which was my main source of caffeine. At my low points in the day where I feel tired, I take one pill, and my energy is back. So far I have lost 40 pounds with this method. Great product!

  • Flys With Van Keys - Poor decisions buttressed by Poor grammar

    I want to address the author's losing battle with the English language - I hope he puts more time and effort into his preflight preparation than he put into the creation of this poorly written piece of trash.

  • Ers Consulting - Keep your eye on the big picture

    I read the other reviews and people have legitimate concerns. After I signed up on their website, I started to get e-mails from Dr. Hyman to buy this and that - not thrilled. However, I feel both his science and his solution are the real deal. I know first hand the insidious nature of sugar addiction. In am 65 years old, morbidly obese, and full of both despair about my situation but hope about the solution. As far as the cost, I have three comments: First, I buy my supplements from Vitacost.com. You can get them cheaper there. Secondly, when I think of all the money I have spent in my lifetime on junk food, the cost definitely gets into perspective. Third, when you come across something you think can save your life, well, I weighed the value of my life against the cost of the program, and get what won. I'm worth it. I start the program in two days and will do it exactly as outlined. Anyone who cares to comment - wish me luck - I welcome the support.

  • Richard Brzostek - Very high quality

    A couple years ago, my wife got a high-end cookware set to replace the pots and pans that were about 10 years old. And having a nice cookware set makes cooking all the more enjoyable. If I compare that set with this one, I would say the quality is about the same, which is of very high standards. But I think the handles of this set are better and feel more comfortable to hold. The non-stick surfaces are also great! Without abusing this set, I suspect it will last more than a decade. If anything, this set is just as good as the high end set that cost twice as much!

  • Peggy - Nutritional Analysis Not User Friendly

    I love the program with one exception...I find that entering common ingredients correctly in order to obtain the correct nutritional analysis is difficult. Try frozen bread dough, solid shortening, standard products like canned soup or a brand name, like Cool Whip. Then you get an option to browse for a more specific definition of the product, and a lot of what comes up are options that are in food techno geek. I love having a correct nutritional analysis, and I'm not sure I have enough background to be able to determine what option to browse...sure wish they would simplify this.