Kare Pharmacy Compounding | Customized Medications For Your Individual Needs - Kare Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy specializing in customized medications including bio-identical hormones, pain management, sterile injectables, and more. We are located in Danville, Virginia, but ship throughout the state of Virginia.

  • http://www.kare-rx.com/pediatrics.html Kare Pharmacy - Kare Pharmacy, located in Danville, VA, has specialized in compounding, or customized medications, for over 20 years. As a compounding pharmacy, we work with the healthcare provider and patient to find the best therapeutic outcome by using a individualized approach to medication. We provide free consultations for pain management and bio-identical hormones (BHRT). Proudly serving Southside Virginia, Southwest Virginia, and areas of North Carolina.

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  • Eddie Kingz - I'm a fan

    I am so glad that I bothered to do some research on mouth washes. Up until now, I had been using the "best" mouth rinses that you could buy at any store, like Listerine and Crest Pro Health. But none of the active ingredients in these mouth washes targeted on-going bad breath that doesn't go away by simply flossing, brushing and using a mouthwash everyday. Breath Rx has those ingredients, and I have noticed a different feel and taste in my mouth as soon as I started using it. I feel more confident about my breath now. Since I know that adults hesitate to tell someone that their breath is not so fresh, I use my 5-yr. old daughter as my breath examiner. She never lies and tells me if my breath smells funky. Now, when I breath on her and ask her how my breath is doing, she says "it smells fresh." What else could I ask for?

  • Charles Boston - Solid bike

    This is a pretty solid bike for the price. At 6' 00" with 32.5" inseam, this bike is the right size. However, if you are shorter than 5' 11", you may want to consider the medium size (even though Diamondback size chart says 5' 10" is ok) as this bike runs a bit large. It DOES NOT include the assembly tools (confirmed!!). Assembly was pretty easy, but you can't go by the absolutely useless instruction book (look to their website for guidance instead). Most of the bike was already assembled. After 1 hour basic assembly, I had brake noise on rear brake/rotor and noise from chain rubbing against the front derailleur. Knowing absolutely nothing about bikes, it took several youtube videos and another 3 hour to fine tune it. This included adjusting rear brake pad position, rear brake cable tension, and bending the rear rotor just a bit. On the front derailleur, I adjusted tension as well as the high and low limit on front derailleur. They seemed pretty difficult at first, but once you get through it, it will be much easier if you need to do it again. I then made sure that everything was tight and secure, in case someone at the factory was incompetent. Now it shifts very quickly, smoothly and quietly. The brakes stop effectively with no noise at all.

  • Aria - Great new book with fascinating stories of random factoids

    This book is refreshing. Most books in this genre simply list quirky tidbits, but this book actually explains each one in an interesting way. It is nice to read the context and learn how each fact came to be. Also, each explanation is short and sweet, about a page or two, so you can read in short bursts if you want or sit for hours learning new factoids. Each fact also ties into the next in some way, which keeps the book fluid. Would recommend to others who like learning obscure facts and history of those facts.

  • Vivimac - preparation complete

    Great book to aid in the preparation of testing for the nursing boards. Also comes with an added CD. There is a good amount of questions to test your knowledge as well as explanations to each question.

  • Jessie J - I got a horrible yeast infection

    I waited a year to write this review because I wanted to test if the probiotic would work long term and it did! My problems started with a UTI so I went on Bactrim and that is what messed up my PH balance. Right after I got done with the antibiotic, I got a horrible yeast infection. So then I took Diflucan. Then after that they said I had BV so then I went on Metro antibiotic for that. Then a few weeks later I noticed yeast infection symptoms and went on Diflucan and then back on the Metro antibiotic again..... I was so tired of everything at that point so I looked further into what else can help and found Rephresh. I used the gel inserts here and there at first when I started the probiotic. Within 2 weeks I was back on track and within 4 months of taking them every day, my balance is back on track. It has been a year now and I haven't needed them since. If I ever go on antibiotics again. I'm taking these!