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  • Fred Ouellette - Want your 1st ticket, get this...

    Read the book thru, once, passed test, got ticket, as did general at same time. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a painless way to get you 1st ticket.

  • david Shapero - Dorco- Not just for dorks

    I was doing my due diligence and trying to find the best value for the money for a onerous chore that most men perform daily: shaving. I stumbled upon Dorco here at Amazon and ordered some 6 blade cartridges without ordering the shaver. (oops!) Then I ordered the shaver. From the first moment I tried it I knew that here was something special. Closer than any name brand blade no matter how many blades. I have been using the first cartridge now for almost 2 months and it is still as sharp and comfortable as a new one. (I do a comparison once in a while; shave half my face with the new blade then switch back to the old one.) I don't know how long I can go on one cartridge but I literally cannot tell the difference between the old one and the new.

  • stephanie m chin - Quicker than a map app!

    Bought for a recent trip down the west coast. Was great for deciding our next pit stop. It simply tells you what's at each stop on interstate highways. You can look ahead and see when there's lots of miles with not much in the way of refreshment. And you don't need data or a good signal to use it.

  • Howard W. Gerald - Great tablet, beautiful display.. You must use the factory-supplied charging cable to charge it to 100%!

    This is a great tablet with a beautiful hi-res display. The only problem that I've had was getting the device to charge to 100%.. it would only charge to about 30% overnight. I had been plugging it into one of my existing charging cables, and finally came across the original charging cable that came with the tablet. It is a short cable, but significantly thicker than the other charging cables. When I tried the factory cable, it started charging to 100%!

  • Patio in MN - Simple shoe storage

    My wife has way too many shoes and they are quite capable of taking over the entry way. This stackable shoe rack is the answer in the shoe battle. If you need more storage, stack then together. Litterally took about 4 mintues to put together with a screw driver.