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  • Amaiya Smith - Slumber Party Wars

    I loved this book because it shows that friendships can go up and down but they never end. I also loved this book because it was like a real girl going through different things with her friends and in middle school. This is why i gave this book 5stars and i recommend this book to girls who are in middle school that might get into little arguments with their friends and have a crush on that certain boy. This was a really great book and is enjoyed by many including me.

  • George A - Very effective and safe!

    This is a very good product. The wheel spins and gently grinds down the callus. If you apply more than a minimum amount of pressure, the wheel will stop -- which is good, thereby keeping you from grinding down too much at one time and leaving a tender spot which could blister. Highly recommended!

  • Naderge - BIG but Helpful

    A really Good buy. Worth your money. You won't regret it. Help boost my score 2x more than the previous.

  • Kelli - ... people talk about finding an exercise that doesn't feel like exercise because it is so fun

    When people talk about finding an exercise that doesn't feel like exercise because it is so fun, it is this!!! It is a blast and I almost feel like I get a work out from just laughter alone. The dances can get pretty challenging and really gets your heart pumping! Love love love it!

  • Thomas Snyder - Good for the body and taste is good, but hard to mix

    I know it is great for my body because I heard about it on Coast to Coast am. However, I find it very difficult to mix completely. I always end up with clumps even after I think it is mixed completely. Hard to mix in water. Any suggestions?

  • Katrina Weener - Don't Buy If You Are Looking For The Book To Go With The ACT Prep Black Book-Updated Version Pages Are Wrong!!

    Do Not Buy!! I bought this book to go with the ACT Prep Black Book, they are supposed to work hand in hand. However because this is the updated version of The Real ACT, the pages and problems referenced in the Black Book are incorrect. While this book can be used to take tests, I could have printed 5 official ACT tests of the internet for fee instead of paying $25 for this book and $25 on the Black Book. I did try working with tech support, but their only response was that the old book is no longer supported and they could not help. Very Frustrating!