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  • Milos_Mom - Bought to help with infant son's fussiness... did not work

    Purchased this product to calm my very fussy son down (he's an infant) after reading the amazing reviews... I was so desperate. This product smells horrible, obviously it's fennel; and it tastes even worse. My son got angrier and cried more after I gave this to him. I tried it several times and it never calmed him down. I put it in my mouth and was so disgusted by the fennel that it made me nauseous, If I could return this product I would.

  • KathLDK Literogo - Weak to start but doesn't disappoint.

    The O. Henry Prize is awarded to the best 20 English-language short stories of the previous year, chosen from thousands submitted by the American and Canadian publications in which they have appeared. They are read ‘blind’ by the jury, as anonymous texts, until the winners become clear. Featuring short notes on the stories by the jurors, the writers and the editor, Laura Furman, the stories showcase upcoming talent. The memorial is intended to “strengthen the art of the short story and to stimulate younger authors,” (Blanche Colton Williams, 1879-1944). With those credentials, I expected a lot of the collection, and was somewhat disappointed at its weak start. However, it exceeded my expectations by the end.

  • Tracey C. - Coffee Connoisseur

    Very smooth coffee! Not quite as good as Casi Cielo, but definitly comes close. At least I have a back-up when Casi is unavailable.

  • B. L. Sanders - a piece of junk

    I've been using FTM 6.0 for a number of years and recently switched to FTM 2011, I expected a easier aand more advanced product. What I found was a much more user unfriendly version with what seems to be far less capability; It does work with the internet but seems to be a product designed to primarily sell you additional services. I switched to the old version 6.0. What a disappointment.

  • Dangrdonna - Accidental step relationship

    I loved these characters. Max and Lola Grace meet in a bar the night before he's to get married. She doesn't know that. Max takes her back to his place and they make fireworks. He knows she isn't like his other one night stands but can't get out of his situation. She knows he could be the one.