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  • N. Deese - A thoroughly enjoyable read!

    Oh how i look forward to Debbie Macomber's Christmas novels! This one so did not disappoint! Loved this sweet romance between a Little Miss Sunshine and her neighbor, Mr. Grouchy Pants. This story was a great mix of humor, wit, and sass with a plot line that stayed light and upbeat most of the way through. A thoroughly enjoyable read and a great gift idea for friends and family alike this holiday season!

  • Leah Renée - I like it!

    I just recently got this product! I love how it makes my face feel. It makes it feel alittle tighter and also smooth at the same time. I am only in my late twenties so I don't have wrinkles galore(just a few), but I do want to start working on my skin before crazy amounts of wrinkles come. Overall I love the feel of it! I haven't used it long enough to see if I see a difference(only a week). Even if I don't notice a difference in my skin,I will still use because of how it makes My face feel! Oh I also love that it has natural ingredients in it! You hardly ever see a good amount of natural items in face creams/serums.

  • Woolly - Coinmaster GT; a fantastic entry level detector.

    I research most of my online purchases thoroughly. When I decided I wanted a metal detector, I researched the different brands and models. Knowing I wanted a good quality reliable machine that was also not too much to begin with I ended up with 2 manufacturers. White's Electronics was one. After looking and comparing models, warranty etc. I decided the Coinmaster Gt from White's Electronics was the best entry level detector for me. I am happy to day I was correct. The Coinmaster Gt is an easy to use, reliable and very well working detector. Using easily available AA batteries is a plus. The batteries seem to last a very long time and actually help to balance the entire unit. You do not have to carry the manual with you when detecting as the control panel is easy to read and the settings "make sense'. I have been using my Coinmaster Gt for a couple of years now and I just love it. Other people who have tried my Coinmaster Gt also love it. My only criticism if I can call it that is the lack of a volume control for the headphone jack. I prefer earbuds and small headphones over the typically large metal detecting headphones. As such many of the headphones I use do not have a volume control built it and end up very loud. I added an inline volume control to my headphones and all is well again. Not a deal breaker but a volume control would make the Coinmaster GT Perfect.

  • C. Collins - Major Spoiler Alerts for Major Bad Book

    I feel cheated at spending $10.00 for this book when I see everyone else got it for 99 cents! LIke many readers, I do my research. I make sure it's a book that got good ratings and more than 3 stars. This book promised everything, and so I put in my credit card digits and anxiously awaited this book. I'll admit that as a Twilight fanatic, I was willing to go back in to that fantasy realm world of vampires and hoped it would be a good book series as it had 1 of 22 books.

  • Natalie - Not necessary product.

    I took the recommended dose before I stared drinking and before I went to bed. What normally would have been a solid sleep was a restless one. I had four drinks in 3 hours. I thought I was going to have more but didn't. Normally with that many I am fine in the morning. But when I took this I tossed and turned all night. I woke up super tired and irritable. Another night I drank a bottle a wine and took one pill with some water woke up fine the next day. One pill is fine for me. But who knows if it works, my hangovers happen when I drink a lot. And haven't tested it with lots of alcohol, it does say it is not meant for that.

  • MizJones - Great For Bug Repellent

    Tea tree oil is another must-have household product that I always keep in stock. I dilute it in water for use as an antisceptic/anti-bacterial application on bites and scratches. I'm a big outdoor gardener and I live in Charleston where chiggers are a big problem. I spray this stuff on my legs before I go out each morning and I have no problem. Great mosquito repellent. I have five dogs and--you guessed it--I spray this on them to help with flea prevention. It's like having an anti-bug elixir but healthier than over-the-counter remedies.

  • GPS guy - Best Version Ever

    I've been using various versions of this software since 1999 and generally upgrade every 2 or 3 years. I hadn't planned an upgrade but did so to better accommodate an upgrade from XP Win 7 (Win 7 is worth the trouble and expense!) When the disk arrived, it was cracked (shipping problem, not Peachtree.) I had next to no trouble getting them to give me a link to a download so I could use the product without waiting for a new disk. I had no trouble with the download and no problem moving files from Peachtree Complete 2008. I moved four companies and everything works very well. The employees (two) were easy to understand and registration was a snap. A MAJOR benefit to me is being able to keep multiple companies open at the same time. As usual, the best price and service were at Amazon. This review sounds like it was written by an employee but it wasn't--it's just a bullet-proof product that performs very well and performs flawlessly with Win 7--worth the price.