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  • Atlantis - This Book is For All Intents and Purposes, King Hall

    So I debated writing this review for days. The thing is, I HATE writing negative reviews. For the most part I prefer to let others do the mud-slinging. However, I finally, finally decided to write this review because it kept bothering me.

  • Eric - Good Product at a good price - Instructions could be a little clearer

    Good Product at a good price. As with other reviews, the issue is in the installation. As indicated with the instructions and other reviews, the front and back are different lengths. What is less clear is which side is right (passenger side) and which is left (driver's side). Underneath the bracket is a single screw, which exposed the part numbers. One side started with LH and the other RH. I would assume this means Left Half and Right Half. If you look at bracket closely, one side is more sloped that the other. The difference is subtle. One looks like about a 80% angle with the other is more like 70%. Based on the RH and LH markers, the more sloped side should face the rear of the car. The more perpendicular side faces forward. When I put the rack on in this manner, all of the screws lined up well.

  • Amazon Customer - eh.....if it lasts it will be worth the trade off in aesthetics

    Definitely a different kind of finish compared to starbrite teak oil. It does have an orange tint to it but if you didn't have anything else to compare it to, you might not be able to tell. This does leave brush marks if you apply in heavy coats which teak oil doesn't do. Also, bird droppings stained the wood right under the sealer so I'm not sure how much protection there really is with this stuff. Oil definitely looks better but if this lasts longer, it's worth the trade off in book. Used on my 1976 33 foot egg harbor.

  • Becca - Great for peach fuzz

    These are great for the peach fuzz on the sides of your cheeks and jaw; however, I don't find them to be effective on coarser hair like on the upper lip. That's unfortunate because who wants to have to do more than one operation to remove facial hair?? I was hoping this gadget would do it looks like it's back to threading for me. At least my cheeks are gloriously fuzz-free :)

  • watson - i was not very impressed this was definitely last generation ...

    i was not very impressed this was definitely last generation technology and graphics. The movement capture is not extremely accurate and laggy there were points where i just stood there and was still scoring.

  • Wong10 - Pretty Surprising

    I was wary about trying another product that would supposedly solve my ingrown hair problems especially with the cost and the seemingly small amount you get.

  • Carlos - We know she's got a DIAMOND HEART

    Blown away by this album. I was afraid I wouldn't enjoy it since I'm 50-50 with Perfect Illusion, but wow!!! Best songs are Diamond Heart, Dancin in Circles, John Wayne, & Sinner's Prayer. Diamond Heart had me fist pumping hard when I first heard it.