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  • Mostafa Qalavand | DVM Student - Mostafa Qalavand is first year (Ersties) DVM student of Islamic Azad University Karaj Branch. In his childhood, he was interested in computer and small animals. He had a hard choice to make a decision because of the load of his works. He attends International Imam Khomeini University and got his BS.c in computer engineering, after years he excelled in the computer science, but he never forgot his dream to be a veterinarian. He tried again once more and now he is a DVM student to achieve his goal.
  • STORY BEHIND OF THE DISEASE - CANINE DISTEMPER VIRUS (CDV) - Young Veterinarians Club - Clinical signs and Transmission and etc all about canine distemper... everything you should know about CDV in dogs is here

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  • Vanesa - Coolest straightener I have used

    This product is amazing. It cuts the straightening process in half. I don't know how well this brush will work on curly hair. I have straight hair (for the most part) but sometimes my layers dry funny or my top layers are frizzy and staticky that i am forced to straighten my hair. I love that the brush is gentle on my hair. I am not left with any crunchy, dry ends like my straightener left at times. The only complaint I have is that it is not easy to get close to the roots with this product. Maybe a semi-curved brush would fix that tiny problem

  • Gaud - Can't go wrong with this ones!!!!

    to be honest i just got mines and they fit perfect and i do know about shoes and this are very comfortable,i got 2 pairs of adidas ultra boost and this $25 dollars shoes are almost are comfortable as my $200 dollars ultra boost....they are the best replica out there just the missing on the side,that's the only thing,if moufit start doing the yzy logo on the side is going to be the perfect replica,is lot of other sellers with the same product for 40 dollars or more and they aren't closer to this ones for $25 less.Like i said,you CANT GO WRONG WITH THIS PURCHASE

  • truemainer - Not sure why these gloves have such a good review?

    First of all these are my second fox gloves I've purchased for mountain biking. My first gloves were fox reflex gel (extra large). Thinking the the sizing chart is the same for all gloves made by fox, I bought these dirt paws in XL as well. Unfortunately they were uncomfortably snug, so I had to ship them back and order a XXL, which is a better fit. So far I've worn these for about 600-700 miles on my mountain bike (cross country), and noticed the padding in the palms is not very supportive or comfortable for anything over a ten mile ride. I've had no issues at all with durability, and found I could wear them in down to 45 degree weather before my hands became uncomfortably cold. I will probably end up buying another pair of fox reflex gel gloves in the not too distant future to replace these

  • Jess - Great taste and you will lose some weight.

    Tastes great, like a slightly sweet pineapple juice, and even though I cheated with a fast food dinner, I still lost 2 pounds on the first day. Today is my second day and if I lose 2 more, I will be happy.

  • David J. Valdez - No frills or gimmicks!

    The Ikon Lens are everything they say they are couldn't be happier with this purchase. Plan on ordering another pair in a different color.