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  • Caitlin - Tasty on the go treat.

    These are a tasty on the go snack. Not the healthiest of options, but we enjoy having these as a special treat in our house.

  • Jamie - Very functional

    This is awesome. I ordered this for my niece. I thought it was a great idea because people worry so much about babies getting flat spots on their heads. I love that the pillow is soft but still firm. My sister really wishes it was a frog shape instead of a bear though. I got this pillow at a discount so I told her that she couldn't complain.

  • SimpleHome - Who knew I'd been doing it wrong all my life?

    What can I say? If you're looking at this review you're thinking about getting one of these. Just do it.

  • Robert Redden - How to Connect these Earbuds to Bluetooth Adapter on iPod Classic

    The earbuds work great with my iPod classic and the sound and volume control are amazing (I hear beautiful musical sounds in some recorded music on the iPod that I never heard before, especially in the bass), but there was one problem. The instructions talk about connecting them only to devices that have software apps devised to connect the device to Bluetooth, and the iPod classic contains no such software. I connected them easily using the provided directions with first use, but after I recharged the iPod, it would not reconnect.

  • AustenD. - Full of great, helpful information

    Full of great, helpful information, including history of investing, advice from master investors, and specific strategies. Written in a delightful and very fun style. Wonderful introduction to the subject. The only thing I wish it included was a glossary of terms to remind myself what certain technical words mean. A delight to read, and learned very much!

  • David - Complete rip-off!

    Total rip off and colossal waste of money. I live in a major metro area (DFW). I checked the FCC website to make sure of signal strengths before purchasing, and every indication from them is that all the major local channels are plenty close enough to me. So I bought the product. After waiting 10 days after ordering (and paying for) the antenna, it finally came. I hooked it up...I got one (1) channel. I figured since my tv is on an inner wall (with no other placement option) I thought that must be the problem. (Nearest window is across the room, not long enough for the antenna to reach to-of course.) So I bought the extension cord AND signal booster-just to be on the safe side. Another 10 days later...I hook it all up, making sure to get the antenna over a window. Nothing. Same one (1) channel. And that doesn't come in very well. So $40 later I'm right where I started. This product is a complete rip-off!

  • JessCo - What Every GM V6 Owner Needs to Know

    It is no secret that GM has thousands of unhappy customers due to bad design of intake manifold gaskets, look it up on the web. After having the intake gaskets replaced three years ago they went again, they last about three years before blowing again due to bad gaskets and the effects of DexCool. I parked my vehicle trying to decide what to do. After much internet research I decided to tr{ this product. I am very pleased to say it works and is well worth the price. I do not know how long the fix will last but at least I can use my vehicle again, if I get another year of driving out of it I'll be happy.