Delhi Fast Facts and Resources for Business Travelers | India Business and Travel Guide - India Business and Travel Guide addresses aspects of doing business in India, resource to overcome challenges foreign nationals face while doing business with India, make Indian opportunities accessible to US based small and medium enterprises and NRIs

  • About | India Business and Travel Guide - Created by Entry India, India Business and Travel Guides address practical aspects of business travel and doing business in India. Currently there are two guides: one for Delhi and the other for Bangalore. "Mumbai Special" is in preparation.
  • Browse India Business and Travel Guides | India Business and Travel Guide -  With a projected GDP growth of over 8%, 350 million middleclass consumers with growing purchasing power and 564 million people under the age 20, Indian market is reshaping the world's economy.
  • Cell Phone | India Business and Travel Guide - Having a cell phone in Delhi is helpful and is highly recommended. Cell phone service in India is mostly on pre-paid basis. There are thousands of locations where you can buy cell phone service.
  • Listing and Advertising in the Guide | India Business and Travel Guide - India Business and Travel Guide is a resource that the businesses and individual NRIs trust to provide them with validated information for vendors and service providers they can count on.  It is therefore an excellent promotion and branding
  • Rates for Listing and Advertisement | India Business and Travel Guide - A) LISTING RATES for SERVICE PROVIDERSFor the service providers to get listed in the guide and online portal (, the following table describes the various packages that are available along with their features and costs.
  • Distribution | India Business and Travel Guide - The GUIDE is promoted and distributed in US and India through the following venues:Trade and Business forums, conferences and expos.  Entry India's participation at the events can be as an Event Partner, Exhibitor,
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) | India Business and Travel Guide - To ensure the best practices in serving clients, attached below is the MoU that Entry India signs with every service provider qualified to be listed in the Guide. Download a copy of the MoU HERE Download a copy of the Listing Charges (Exhibit A) HERE

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