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  • MustangSammy - Love it!

    I love the spicy scent. It starts out really strong but when it's dry it's just a lingering barely there scent. My favorite product is the Marrakesh X. It detangles wet or dry hair with a very tiny amount and does not weigh down your hair. I have reordered that in the dreamsicle scent for my girls. It's on it's way :)

  • Dave S. - They tell you " YOU CAN SEND THEM BACK WITHIN 15 DAYS" and that's all good and well

    didn't care for the feel of them, but that's not the issue. They tell you " YOU CAN SEND THEM BACK WITHIN 15 DAYS" and that's all good and well. What they don't tell you is you have to pay to return them. Be sure you want these or you'll pay one way or another.

  • Klassen Lilia - I like that this has three output ports.

    I ordered this beast of a battery, but the first one i received was extremely slow to charge - I gave a so-so review, but Jemma customer service contacted me, told me that they believed that the battery was defective. This happens, I understand. But rarely have I run into companies as eager to please the customer as Jemma.

  • haganarrett - Great product for the money

    I have an iPhone 7 as well as my whole family. They all love tempered glass and prefer it more than the other products that are out there. I can't stand the plastic screen protectors. It drives me crazy at how much ineffective they are. They virtually do nothing in my opinion. Tempered glass however, does do a lot. It acts not only to maintain the screen quality and beauty of the images, but does a great job in being durable and protective from abrasions and scratches.

  • Philip E Stone - Software is fine. With a DSL internet connection it took 5 hours to download.

    With a slower DSL internet connection it took several hours (5 hours) to download. This was quite time consuming and inconvenient.

  • V. Scott - Changed skin for the worse

    I think this only works for certain skin types. I'm 57 and use retinol at night and wanted a good daily moisturizer for day time. This wasn't it! Like a handful of other reviewers, it dried me out, created red patchiness, and an overall aging appearance that wasn't what I was going for at all. I think I probably have normal skin so maybe this is better for someone who has oily. That's just a guess on my part, but I'm avoiding from here on out.

  • C Bismuth - Don't hesitate

    I have used a Water Pik intermittently for decades; in fact, I used the same one over the years. At one point, it was on the shelf in storage for some years and I literally nearly lost my teeth in the dentist's chair due to gum disease. I took out the Water Pik, bought new Pik Pockets (gingival attachments), and went to work. Adding a few drops of tea tree oil to the water each time, along with appropriate rinses, I was able to reverse the gum disease and save my teeth. My dentist was absolutely amazed.