Vol 1/Issue 1/June 2015 JOURNAL OF HYGIENE AND PUBLIC HEALTH - Journal of Hygiene and Public Health, the official organ of the All Indian Institute of Hygiene and Public Health kolkata, India

Country:, Asia, IN

City: 77 , India

  • Miss Lady - Comfortable but can be Challenging

    They are a bit unwieldy on insertion, but once in properly, they are comfortable and convenient. I'd just be careful because if they shift or aren't placed perfectly, they can spill and make a big mess!

  • Luke Marlow - Great read

    Very well written regardless of your politics. Crazy that Clinton worships rape owls, but crazier that trump secretly does too

  • Ardent - Incredible product

    I have a chronic illness and both cats and dogs, so I'm always looking for effective but non-poisonous ways to kill fleas, which have been terrible the past few years in the south. I first used this product with my first dog in the late '90s and couldn't believe how well it worked. Immediately after application, I stopped itching and so did my dog, and I didn't have to reapply for the rest of the year. Fast forward, and the product is still amazing! I have hardwoods and carpet (as I did the first time) and you notice a near total elimination of the problem right after it's applied. This time, I've been dealing with bad infestation that has lasted months because I tried diatomaceous earth first (more effective if the infestation isn't full-blown) so it may take a few reapplications/more extensive coverage, but usually, you can just dust a thin film where your animals sleep and hang out, and you're done. I can't recommend this product highly enough.

  • J. Kelly - Great Song

    Good download and no problems with the song once put on my computer and then on to my iPod. I would buy again from this vendor.