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  • BERNICE - Easy to use directory

    The guide is easy to use, answers questions about procedures. Also is very frank about procedures that do not work correctly and the best way to complete or avoid. All programs have 'quirks' is much easier to read about them than to spend a lot of time avoiding them.

  • minimaxine - Not sure

    I ordered then found out you have to take six a day so the bottle only lasted 20 days so I don't know what they do. The caplets are HUGE and you are instructed to take 3 twice a day on an empty stomach. I am sure this is because of the size of the caplets! They fill your stomach. I am devout about taking vitamins and minerals, but these are quite expensive for something which you don't see or feel any result.

  • Amazon Customer - Rent Adobe products for a reasonable price

    Let's be honest - a lot of us use GIMP and other free products because of the price of Adobe products. I don't have thousands to shell out on their amazing software suite since graphic design is not my full time job or the main way that I earn income. If you need to go beyond using their trial software, but aren't ready to pay for it, this is a great way to get support and use their full line of products with all of the features for $33 a month. I know I have been using it all the time while I still time!

  • warren - Garbage.

    What a load of lies these other reviewers posted--"lots of sports," bull crap--unless you like soccer and womens' tiddly winks; can't even get ESPN feed piece of garbage keeps buffering--yeah there's a huge list of channels but it wont let you access them, not worth 5$ let alone 90$


    These traps are actually amazing. Sometimes they will catch squirrels without even baiting them. My opinion of squirrels is that they are just RATS with fuzzy tails. They destroy your food, sometimes before you can even pick it, so they are certainly not a friend of mine!

  • Simplylovepink - Shocked that's this works!!

    Started this on Monday and started my period 5 days later. I saw spotting on day 3, taking pregnitude Morning and Night as directed. I have PCOS and have never had a regular period. I have always needed to take something to start! There have been times when even medicine did not induce a period for me. So I'm insanely impressed because I was skeptical because nothing has ever really worked for me! Obviously I haven't been taking it long enough to comment on pregnancy. I am on glumetza 1500-2000 mg daily so that is probably helping but glumetza alone has never regulated me. My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage due to the pcos we're assuming. Even with 6 rounds of clomid I only ovulated once with the trigger shot and nothing. Hopefully this continues to work because week one it's done what nothing else could before!!! Will give it 5 if I ovulate and end up pregnant!! You can barely taste anything and when you do it's a sweet powder something similar to a light sugar substitute packet. I can lick the packet if I needed to lol so it's not gross at all. I drink it in a water bottle twice a day so it also helps with my water intake.