Infectious Disease Services of Georgia, P.C. - The Infectious Disease Services of Georgia has clinics located in Cumming, Johns Creek and Roswell Georgia and offers a comprehensive array of services for patients requiring the care and expertise of qualified Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease Specialists.

  • Our Services - Infectious Disease Services of Georgia, P.C. - The services provided include consultation and treatment, and when required intravenous antibiotics and immune globulin replacement. Additional specialty services include travel immunizations and wound management.
  • Our Providers - Infectious Disease Services of Georgia, P.C. - Diplomates American Board of Internal Medicine and Diplomates in the Subspecialty of Infectious Disease
  • Contact Us - Infectious Disease Services of Georgia, P.C. - IDSGA is a medical services corporation created to provide state of the art medical care in a community setting.
  • Wound Care - Infectious Disease Services of Georgia, P.C. - Wound care is a complicated process that requires the service of many specialists. This includes Infectious Disease Physicians, Surgeons, Plastic Surgery, trained wound care nurses and sometimes other modalities such as hyperbaric oxygen.

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  • Denise - Overpriced

    I have to have an armrest due to a shoulder injury. I guess it fills that purpose, but a couple of pieces of plastic with a pad covered with fake leather definitely not an $80.00 value.

  • HootHootie - I did not spray a small section so I could better determine the results

    I have grey asphalt shingles on my roof with the black discoloration that comes from mold over many years. I followed the directions and mixed with water. I applied this onto the roof shingles with a garden sprayer in late August in Raleigh, NC. I did not spray a small section so I could better determine the results. One month later I questioned whether the W&F stuff was working at all. Even two months later with probably eight rains I still questioned it. However, now it's been four months and I must say this stuff works well in removing the black discoloration on asphalt shingles. My asphalt shingles were probably a 7 on the scale of one to ten in how bad they were (ten being the worst). This stuff probably removed about 75% of the discoloration. I'm going to apply a second application of this W&F stuff again in the Spring. My conclusion is this stuff definitely works. It might take three or four months, but it works.

  • nathan - Fit my wife well, seems to be true to ...

    Fit my wife well, seems to be true to size. Quality is definitely where I expect Fox products to be.

  • T. Clyne - Q2011 - Worst Quicken Ever!

    I'll keep it short. My experience matches those of other reviewers. Why is yet another file format used!? Why is it OK to load retail software with ads? Why does it fail to retrieve bank account/transaction info? Why are reports so ugly and awkward now? How come the budget function is broken so badly? Sheesh! What an insult this software is to those of us who used to have confidence in the Intuit brand!

  • shoefashionista - Not worth the money

    A nicely scented product, but I do not think it should be called a "serum." Has no effect on my skin, but then we all respond differently to products.