Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment | For Professional, Executive Men - For men struggling with substance abuse, Hotel California by the Sea is a luxury addiction treatment & recovery center located in Newport Beach.

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  • Transitional Living Program for Young Adults - Free Consultation - A transition program for young adults to provide a foundation of accountability & sobriety necessary for success after inpatient treatment.
  • Alcohol Rehab - Addiction Recovery & Treatment for Men - Our addiction professionals understand the factors that contribute to alcohol abuse & create customized treatment programs for successful recovery.
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center for Men - Free Assessment - Addiction often occurs as a result of underlying mental illness or trauma. Our credentialed specialists treat addiction in tandem with any co-occurring disorders.
  • Executive Burnout - Work Related Substance Abuse Treatment - Professional responsibilities can become overwhelming, leading to substance abuse as a coping mechanism. Find recovery from executive burnout.
  • Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment for Men - Free Consultation - Opioid pain relievers and other drugs can be abused leading to drug addiction. Our customized prescription drug abuse treatment programs can help.
  • Substance Abuse Treatment for Men - Affordable Treatment - Hotel California by the Sea provides affordable substance abuse treatment programs at our luxury recovery facility located in Newport Beach, California.
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  • Addiction Treatment Philosophy | Chemical Dependency Rehab - Our addiction treatment philosophy for our chemical dependency rehab is based on helping our clients succeed with long-term recovery.
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  • Substance Abuse & Drug Treatment Programs for Men - For men struggling with substance abuse & addiction, Hotel California by the Sea provides customized treatment at our recovery center in Newport Beach.
  • Residential Drug Treatment for Men - Affordable Treatment - Hotel California by the Sea provides customized recovery programs & concierge style treatment at our luxury residential treatment center in Newport Beach.
  • Executive Rehab - Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center for Men - Professional responsibilities don't disappear when treating addiction. Executive rehab allows men to stay connected to their careers during recovery.
  • Luxury Rehab | Drug and Alcohol Addiction | Newport Beach - Bask in true luxury while in recovery. Hotel California by the Sea's luxury rehab has oceanfront accommodations and offers private and executive suites.
  • Addiction Rehab for Professionals, Executives, Businessmen - At our rehab for professionals, rather than allowing work to be a distraction from the treatment process, we prefer to make it a part of it. Learn how here.

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    What a wonderful read! So touching and soulful. I laughed and sometimes shed a few tears. Carole's book reminded me of how much courage it takes to overcome our past wounds. I loved reading about her collaborations. Her story about Bob Dylan still has me smiling! Loved reading this book. Have I said that too many times? Every once in a while a writer touches your heart. Sager has touched mine.

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