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  • SanguineDream - Magically delicious

    I have had this on my wishlist and have been eying this cookbook for some time now. I completely do NOT regret my purchase! It's so fun and it's just a nice way to make everyday food a little exciting. I love how in the cookbook it has the situation and corresponding page number to your Harry Potter book to show you exactly where you can find these delicious creations as you read.

  • Janice - Wake up and protect your eyes first. Murad has you covered.

    Fabulous. Soft on the delicate eye but hammers the bad elements and stress we have everyday. It works and is better than I expected and I'm hard to please. I will buy with confidence the Murad brand.

  • NY Brown 12 - Nice to have but not necessary yet

    The Xbox One is pretty nice but not necessary. Some people have asked after seeing mine if they should buy it and I usually say not yet. My Xbox 360 died last year and so that's why I decided to buy this, but there still aren't many games available and they probably need some software tweaking. Kinect works pretty well, though it's a bit creepy. Think running your TV through it is cool, but kind of gimmicky and at times annoying, and it's pretty huge. Very similar in size to the original Xbox. Graphics are amazing though and it runs very quietly.

  • Pukka_Gen_TX - Inexpensive - Effective-Good Value

    I only need the MSA 30x so I can turn the TV down low (so the wife can sleep). We watch "our" shows together, and I can tape old movies, and Bones, Castle, & Bluebloods and watch them after she conks out. Works great for this purpose for 2-3 hours a day, but I wouldn't want the unit as a full-time hearing aid. It is inexpensive and does exactly what I expected it to do.

  • Amazon Customer - Really dont care for it. Made very very cheaply ...

    Really dont care for it. Made very very cheaply...ill be surprised if it lasts the year. I should have returned it.

  • cmae - Love my coffee now

    Usually I don't write reviews or give 5 stars,but i have to this time,i thought this was gonna be just another coffee grinder,but when i used it for the first time to grind the coffee beans for espresso i got impressed how fine the coffee came out,and i was able to make myself a nice and strong coffee,i definitely recommend this one,not too expensive and it does it's job...

  • N. S. - Problem with the floss tip.

    I like this product. For the most part it works as expected and is reasonably priced. My only issue is that the tip, especially the floss tip keeps coming off during use. It happens every time and is becoming annoying. I try to keep it in place by pressing on the base but even then, it still pops off. I used the other floss tip hoping the problem was with the one tip but I still have the same problem.