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  • David Cain - Love this, love it, but for one thing...

    I've played guitar - poorly - on-and-off since age 7. I've never had a decent intro to rock lead, despite knowing barre chord basics, etc. I tell people "I know absolutely everything about the guitar, except for how to make the music come out of it."

  • The Wise Owl - Not the same...

    I used this product 10 years ago quite religiously. I recall being upset when the price went up and product amount went down so I stopped using it and fell in love with Boots Organics from Target. Unfortunately they discontinued my favorite moisturizer, so I came back to Perricone. Though I got a nice deal here on Amazon, I won't be buying it again. Upon my first application, I too was turned off by what seems like much more fragrance than I remember. The rose scent used to be faint and tolerable. It's very overpowering now and lasts the entire day. After a week or two, my chin broke out in large inflammations. Something I had not experienced in the past with this product. I can't tell you why, but I say that I'm not so sure that DMAE is all that it's praised to be. I wonder too if the formula changed. I'm sorry to say that I'm not a fan anymore. I'm back to Boots at 14.00 a jar.

  • Christopher C - Good at home self-whitening kit for the money.

    Works as advertised and a good price. I recommend using sparingly several times. The fitting of the tray are important so read the instructions and use hot not boiling water to form the right fitting. If you have used self home kits before they are pretty much the same. Don't forget to remove the plastic disk under the batteries of the LED light. I was able to use the kit three times at about 25 minutes a time and definitely notice a difference..