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  • ~*REMI*~ - This product should have more reviews!

    I purchased this from GNC not from amazon by the way. I am not really into hair and nail supplements, I have a stigma that these "supplement" companies are ripoffs that sell refined products. There was a discount so I said what the hey, I'll give it a go, especially taking a look at its ingredient percentages. Within days my nails grew, no exaggeration. All of my nails have NEVER been the same size, and they were a bit stronger. I slacked off a bit and stopped taking them for a week. What do you know, my nails broke surely! I clipped them all off after a month of having them and becom ing attached :( It was 2 weeks nail-less when I came to realize I REALLY missed my claws! Not only that, but they weren't growing AT ALL?? It didn't dawn on me until later that something was the cause of all of the compliments I was recieving about how beautiful my natural nails were. LIGHT BULB! I had 11 more tablets left from the second pack (2 packs comes with box and theres 30 total) I just started taking them 2 days ago and voila! My nails are growing again! I am completely shocked that this product has not been reviewed! Especially given its inexpensive price! I only take 1 a day on an empty stomach, it's not that demanding, and since I don't eat in the mornings anyway I figured it was not only easier to remember to take the pill, but my body would have time to absorb it until I was ready to eat 30 minutes after. I even noticed my hair growing a bit faster, but I mostly noticed a difference in my nails. I will DEFINITELY be purchasing this product again when I run out!!! Highly recommend!

  • A. Thankful - GFCF people beware! Contains casein!

    Just a little FYI, since most people who are interested in combating the multiple problems of autism and it's spectrum disorders sometimes follow a STRICT gluten-free casein-free diet, I noticed the last time I read the ingredients list that it stated "Contains an ingredient derived from milk. (12 ppm Casein)"

  • chanyle Nakamura - Baby Its worth it!

    Setup and installation was a breeze. Made with grade a durability and top notch safety for your child. As a toki doki fanatic The Rebel design is amazing. Cant wait till they Drop more designs. My son looks cool and sits pretty in the back. Love love love it! highly recommended by me and my little one. 5 stars :)

  • TK in SF - Over all, great everyday laptop. Not recommended for sw development or gaming, but you already knew that.

    - It is heavier than I expected. You'd think 14in with no HD would be lighter. But then, I'm used to my Acer S7 which is relatively light.

  • Lisa F - Does Not work as Advertised

    I have a small area on my arm from poison ivy. As soon as I noticed it I used Zanfel as per the package directions. The itching went away for a few hours but then it returned. The bumps and redness never disappeared. I then used Zanfel a second time on the same area with the same results. I've used Zanfel 4 times on this same area in a 48 hour time period. All it does is reduce the itching for a few hours. I can get the same results with Benedryl topical for a much cheaper price. I will not buy this product again.

  • Bookish - Well worth the price for me...

    I see a lot of people on here who are giving a low rating to Amberen because of who they advertise with or because they did not get complete relief from ALL symptoms. I did a three month course of Amberen a year ago and was quite skeptical because most supplements don't work for me (very frustrating). Sure enough, I had no relief after the first ten day and called the nurse hotline for advice. The gave me the additional supply for a double dose at very low cost, which I did not expect. After a few days on the double dose my miserable hot flashes started to ease. The eventually went away all together. I didn't lose any weight or have increased libido (I'm single, so that's ok), but would have paid much more just to get rid of those hot flashes--especially as it was a very hot July in New Mexico!! Now I worried that the hot flashes would return as soon as my supply of Amberen ran out, but now almost a year later they are just now starting to return. I could not afford to order the Amberen in January as I ought to have done, but am sure ordering again now! Even if you pay full price for a double supply, this is much less expensive and much less hassle than dosing bio-identical hormones. Now probably because of my health problems I will need to go to the bio-identical hormones eventually, but at least I won't be miserable with hot flashes in the meantime.