Orthopedic Surgeon Gilbert | Sports Medicine Specialist - Dr Matthew Hansen, MD is an orthopedic surgeon offers orthopedic services like hip, knee and elbow joint surgery, ankle fractures in Gilbert AZ.

  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/appointments/general-appointment/ General Appointment | Dr Matthew Hansen | Orthopaedic Surgeon - Dr Matthew Hansen, MD is an orthopedic surgeon in Gilbert AZ. For all appointments and Enquiries, please call (480) 964-2908.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/shoulder/ Shoulder Surgery Gilbert | Shoulder Replacement | Shoulder Fracture - Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Hansen provides shoulder services such as shoulder arthroscopy, frozen shoulder and shoulder joint replacement in Gilbert AZ.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/shoulder/rotator-cuff-tear/ Rotator Cuff Tear Gilbert | Rotator Cuff Tear Symptoms | Dr Hansen - Rotator cuff tear causes of shoulder pain in middle-aged adults, Dr. Hansen provides advanced treatment for this condition in Gilbert AZ.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/shoulder/shoulder-joint-replacement/ Shoulder Joint Replacement Gilbert | Shoulder Replacement - Shoulder joint replacement is a surgical procedure to replace the damaged shoulder joint with the artificial implants, Dr Hansen offers this surgery in Gilbert AZ.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/shoulder/slaplabrum-repair/ SLAP Tear Gilbert | Shoulder SLAP Tear | SLAP Tear Surgery - The most common symptom is pain at the top of the shoulder joint, Dr Hansen provides specialized treatment for this condition in Gilbert AZ.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/shoulder/biceps-tenodesis/ Biceps Tenodesis Gilbert | Biceps Tenodesis Treatment | Dr Hansen - Biceps tendon tear can be caused by the injury such as falling down with your arm outstretched, Dr Hansen provides treatment for this condition in Gilbert AZ.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/information-center/shoulder-instability/ Shoulder Instability Gilbert | Shoulder Surgery | Dr Hansen - Shoulder instability treatment is offered by Dr Matthew Hansen in Gilbert AZ. Check the links to know more this treatment information.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/elbow/ Elbow Pain Gilbert | Elbow Injuries | Tennis Elbow | Dr Hansen - Elbow pain, elbow injuries and tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow are the elbow conditions treated by Dr Hansen in Gilbert. Check to know other services info.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/elbow/tommy-john-surgery/ Tommy John Surgery Gilbert | Dr Matthew Hansen - Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr Matthew Hansen offers tommy john surgery procedure in Gilbert. Check the links to know more about this surgery information.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/elbow/ligament-reconstruction/ Ligament Reconstruction Gilbert | Ligament Reconstruction Surgery - The common symptoms of injury to the elbow joint and its surrounding structures include swelling and pain. Check to know more information.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/elbow/biceps-tendon-repair/ Biceps Tendon Repair Gilbert | Biceps Tendon Repair Surgery - During distal biceps tendon repair, your surgeon makes a small incision over the upper forearm, where the biceps muscle attaches to the radius bone.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/elbow/elbow-arthroscopy/ Elbow Arthroscopy Gilbert | Elbow Surgery | Dr Hansen - Elbow arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgery to treat elbow conditions, Dr Hansen provides this surgery in Gilbert AZ. Check to know more information.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/elbow/tennis-elbow/ Tennis Elbow Gilbert | Tennis Elbow Treatment | Tennis Elbow Symptoms - Sports medicine Specialist Dr Hansen offers tennis elbow surgical treatment in Gilbert. Check the links to know more about this treatment information.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/wrist/ Wrist Pain Gilbert | Wrist Fracture | Dr Matthew Hansen - Dr Matthew Hansen is an orthopaedic specialist provides treatment for wrist conditions such as wrist pain, wrist fracture in Gilbert AZ.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/wrist/endoscopic-carpal-tunnel-release/ Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release Gilbert | Dr Matthew Hansen - Carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated with carpal tunnel release Surgery Traditional surgery involves up to a 2- inch incision in the palm and wrist area.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/wrist/wrist-fracture/ Wrist Fracture Gilbert | Wrist Fracture Surgery | Wrist Fracture Treatment - Wrist Fracture surgical and non-surgical treatment is offered by Dr Matthew Hansen in Gilbert AZ. Check to know more about this surgery infections.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/hip/ Hip Pain Gilbert | Hip Arthroscopy | Hip Fractures | Dr Hansen - Hip services include hip arthroscopy, hip fractures and hip pain, labrum repair, snapping hip are treated by Dr Hansen in Gilbert. Check to know other services info.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/hip/hip-arthroscopy/ Dr Matthew | Hansen Hip Fractures Treatment | Dr Hansen - Hip arthroscopy is a surgical procedure, performed through very small incisions to evaluate and treat a variety of hip conditions. Check to know more info.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/hip/femoro-acetabular-impingement-fai/ Femoro Acetabular Impingement Gilbert | Dr Matthew Hansen - Femoro acetabular impingement surgical and non-surgical treatment is offered by Dr Matthew Hansen in Gilbert AZ.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/hip/snapping-hip/ Snapping Hip Gilbert | Snapping Hip Treatment | Snapping Hip Syndrome - The most common cause of snapping hip syndrome is tightness in the muscles and tendons surrounding the hip, Dr Hansen offers this treatment in Gilbert.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/hip/abductor-tendon-repair/ Abductor Tendon Repair Gilbert | Hip Abductors | Dr Hansen - Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Hansen offers abductor tendon repair treatment in Gilbert AZ. Check the links to know more about hip abductors treatment info.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/knee/ Knee Injuries Gilbert | Knee Pain | Knee Fracture | Dr Hansen - Dr Hansen, orthopedic and sports medicine specialist provides specialized treatment for knee conditions in Gilbert AZ. Check to know services information.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/acl-reconstruction/ ACL Reconstruction Gilbert | ACL Reconstruction Surgery - Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction is the surgery to reconstruct the torn ligament of your knee with a tissue graft, Dr Hansen offers this in Gilbert.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/knee/multi-ligament-knee-reconstruction/ Multi Ligament Knee Reconstruction Gilbert | Dr Matthew Hansen - Multi-ligament knee surgical reconstruction is performed by Dr Matthew Hansen, orthopedic surgeon in Gilbert AZ
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/knee/meniscus-repair/ Meniscus Repair Gilbert | Meniscus Repair Surgery | Dr Hansen - A meniscus tear is the commonest knee injury in athletes, knee arthroscopy is the commonly recommended surgical procedure for meniscal tears.
  • http://www.hansensportsdoc.com/knee/arthroscopy-of-the-knee-joint/ Arthroscopy of the Knee Joint Gilbert | Knee Arthroscopy | Knee Surgery - Knee Arthroscopy is a surgical technique that can diagnose and treat knee conditions, Dr Hansen performs this procedure in Gilbert AZ.

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    So far it is good... I am not sure it is THAT GREAT though.... The handle is not at FIRM as I would have hoped... When pushing seems to have some wiggle to it... Maybe a loose screw?

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  • Yoda - Little or no value for those who do not need to work via "the cloud"

    Microsoft Office 2013 differs from the previous version of Office, basically, in one very significant way. That is it permits the user to work with "the cloud". Documents can be placed in the cloud and then worked with from computers that also have Office. Hence no need, like in the old days, of having to carry around hard disks, CDs, etc. with one's working files between client locations or from home to office. Of course, the use of the cloud does entail some risks as data stored there is not as secure as on one's external hard disk or cds (assuming there is not a possibilty that the hard disk or cds can be stolen).

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    Can't say it enough. We have tried traps, poison, 2 different types of electronic devices, moth balls, Bounce sheets, nothing keeps the little critters out!

  • Martin M Zorn - Kindle Edition

    I was looking for a reference book on Excel and found the Excel 2010 Bible. After reading the comments I ordered the Kindle edition. If you read the notes you will a complaint that the CD that comes with the book is not available in the Kindle edition. You will also notice that the author has posted a note that if you email him he will provide you with a link to the supplemental information. After downloading the book I emailed Mr. Walkenbach per the comment listed. He responded and sent me a link to the CD material less than 2 minutes after I sent the email. You cannot ask for better service than that. I have used the book specifically as a reference for some things that I was trying to do with functions and pivot tables. The book answered all of my question. I highly recommend the book for beginners and advanced users alike.