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  • GUTSY info - Website for the GUTSY group, a support organisation for people undergoing surgery and treatment for oesophageal and stomach cancer. We also campaign for early diagnosis.

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  • TeeJayBee - not designed correctly

    This organizer does not allow you to lower or bring the seat forward. Also forget trying to place drinks into the cup holder and stroll at the same time. Your drink will be all over the stroller. I purchased the skip hop organizer and it's 4 stars better.

  • Christopher Williams - Great for Occasional Hot Water

    I have two of the CR-240A versions of this unit, and the only thing I can say is, buy this if you like intermittent hot water.

  • Felix - IT WORKS TRUST ME!

    For those of you that believe Ouija Boards dont work, you are very wrong, the fist thing your suppose to do is really concentrate, clear your mind of everything and dont be thinking about which letter will the planchette move to, just focus on your question and the planchette will slowly start to move, you dont have to have 2 players but sometimes it works better. Write down the letters if you think you wont be able to memorize them and always take this game serious, if you are playing with another person you really trust and the planchette starts to move, dont think its your friend moving it just concentrate, trust me they are not moving it and dont get scared or anything because it just brings bad energy. This game is lots of fun and please be safe! (I own a glow in the dark ouija board)

  • Just a Customer - Radically different than other books

    I would give it a 4.5, but that's not an option with this rating system. This book has a lot of in-your-face advice that is contrary to usual self-help drivel and makes a lot of sense. It is the wake up call that many people in troubled long-term relationship or marriage need. It's not soothing, comfortable, or feel good, just honest with lots of practical tips and techniques. If you've been wondering what you're doing wrong in your relationship and can't figure it out, you should know when you finish reading this book.