Gurnick Academy – Healthcare and Nursing Programs at Medical School in Bay Area, Modesto and Fresno, California - Gurnick Academy, the medical school in Bay Area, Modesto, Fresno California, offers nursing programs: LVN Program, RN to BSN Program, Nursing Assistant Program, Medical Assistant Program & other healthcare programs.

  • Private College Offering Allied-Health and Nursing Programs in Bay Area and California - Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts is a private college offering allied-health and nursing programs in the following campuses: San Mateo, Modesto, Concord and Fresno, California.
  • Why Choose Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts, California - Since 2004 Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts has offered quality healthcare training programs in California. Click to learn more about how you can become a healthcare professional.
  • Mission Statement - Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts - Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts: Mission Statement. Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts believes that education should promote the development of positive self-esteem.
  • Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts - STATEMENT OF HISTORY AND OWNERSHIP - Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts - providing high quality healthcare education in California since 2004. Learn more about our Programs and Academy.
  • Gurnick Academy - Licensure and Accreditation, Accredited Medical School - Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau for Health Education Schools (ABHES).
  • Faculty Members Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts - Gurnick Academy faculty members are qualified medical professionals with desire to help our students to get the most thorough knowledge of the healthcare programs they enroll for.
  • AS in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Program (AS MRI Program) in Bay Area and Modesto California – Gurnick’s MRI Technician School. - Gurnick Academy offers AS in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Program in Bay Area and Modesto. Find more information about our MRI Program, our MRI Technician School, and Job Outlook for MRI Technologists in California.
  • Physical Therapist Assistant Program (PTA Program) in Bay Area, California – Gurnick’s Physical Therapy Assistant School. - Gurnick Academy offers Physical Therapist Assistant Program in Bay Area, California. Find more information about our PTA Program, our Physical Therapy Assistant School, and Job Outlook for Physical Therapist Assistants.
  • AS in Radiologic Technology Program (X Ray Program) and Certification for Radiologic Technologists at Gurnick Academy - Radiology Technician School in Bay Area, California. - Gurnick Academy offers AS in Radiologic Technology Program (X Ray Program) in Concord, California. Find more information about our Radiology Technician School, Radiology Programs, X Ray Tech Certification and Job Outlook for Radiologic Technologists in Bay Area, California.
  • AS in Ultrasound Technology Program (Sonography Program) in Bay Area & Fresno, California – Gurnick’s Ultrasound Tech School - Gurnick Academy offers AS in Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program in Bay Area and Fresno, California. Find more information about our AS in Ultrasound Technology Program, our Ultrasound Tech School, and Certification for Sonographers.
  • Online RN to BSN Program at Gurnick Academy in Bay Area, California - Gurnick Academy offers online RN to BSN program for Registered Nurses (RNs) to complete their Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. BSN provides a foundation for professional growth in nursing.
  • BS in Diagnostic Medical Imaging Program (BSDMI), BSDMI School in Bay Area, California, Online. - Gurnick Academy offers BS in Radiologic Technology Program (X Ray Program) in Concord, California. Find more information about our Radiology Technician School, and Job Outlook for Radiologic Sonographers in Bay Area, California.
  • Psychiatric Technician Program and Psych Tech Certification at Gurnick Academy - Mental Health School in Bay Area | Concord, California - Gurnick Academy offers Psychiatric Technician Program in Concord Bay Area. Find more information about our Psych Tech Program, our Mental Health School, and Certification for Psychiatric Technicians in California
  • LVN Programs at Gurnick Nursing School in California and San Francisco Bay Area – Vocational Nursing Programs - Gurnick Academy, a LVN nursingschool in California, offers LVN programs (vocational nurse programs) to be a licensed LVN nurse. The LVN school has its campus in Fresno, Modesto, Concord and San Mateo, CA. Most San Mateo Campus students come from SF Bay Area cities: San Francisco, San Jose, Hayward, Fremont, Daly City.
  • Medical Assistant Programs Bay Area at Gurnick Academy – Medical Assistant School in California (Concord, San Mateo, Modesto, Fresno) - Gurnick’s Medical Assistant School offers 8 month Medical Assistant Programs Bay Area and Medical Assistant Certification in California (San Mateo, Concord, Modesto and Fresno).
  • Dental Assistant Program (DA Programs, DA Classes, DA Certification) at Gurnick Academy – Medical School in Bay Area, California - Our Dental Assistant School offers a 32 week Dental Assistant Program (DA Program) and prepares for DA Certification in California. Those who are interested in DA classes in Bay Area, CA can contact our San Mateo Campus for more information.
  • IV Therapy/Blood Withdrawal Course Bay Area, Modesto, Fresno, Concord California - Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts proudly presents CE CoursesIV Therapy/Blood Withdrawal Course in California and CPR for Healthcare Providers.
  • CPR for Basic Life Support in Bay Area, Modesto, Fresno, Concord, San Mateo California - CPR Training for Healthcare Providers in Modesto, Fresno, Concord and San Mateo Campus in Bay Area and California at Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts.
  • IV Certification Class Bay Area, California - Intravenous Therapy, Blood Withdrawal Course Fresno, Modesto, San Mateo, Concord - Gurnick Academy offers LVN certification in IV Therapy/Blood Withdrawal Fresno, Concord, Modesto CA and San Mateo, Bay Area California. Click here to learn more about our IV certification class Bay Area.

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