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  • Barbara Poland - Love the product, not too sure about the new name.

    I have always been pro Peachtree 100%. I find it 10 fold better than Quick Books. I have and do recommend it often. However, Peachtree has always had a "glitch" that makes some programs not work after Peachtree is installed. This happened with eClinical Works after I installed Sage 50 on my computer. I now have to remote in to eCW instead of accessing it from the network. I have to download reports before I can print them because of this. This is the only reason I did not give it the 5th star. For small to medium businesses, this is a fantastic product.

  • Ann Archer - YUM!

    Really enjoy playing, and even winning occasionally. However, the constant insistence on hooking up with Facebook is a bit annoying.

  • Nate Kirtis - Adventure, action, intrigue!

    Very fun read. Mr. Edelheit uses a great balance of tension - danger - talent - success, to keep the story moving and entertaining.

  • T. Shooz - Works Great

    We have used this product once a month for as long as we have lived here, which is 20 years now. Never a problem with the septic system. The best price is Amazon....maybe it is cheaper in a big city, but that is not an option for us. It is a good product and recommended

  • Victor K. Neumann - Works great

    35 years of bodybuilding and power lifting training including a garage full of bodybuilding trophy's from the mid to late 80's. Wasn't expecting much but my wife wanted to give it a try so I ordered one for her. When I found out that it used 3 AAA batteries I thought to myself that this would be pretty weak at best and probably not worth the money. I decided to try it for myself and made the mistake of cranking it up to around 85 right away..I almost passed out from the contractions and had to quickly dial it back. The key with a belt like this is to make sure that you take a wet tissue and moisten the gel pads with water prior to putting the belt on. Anybody that has seen The Green Mile with Tom Hanks knows that water makes a huge difference in conductivity and dry can cause it to arc and hurt. Make sure you save the plastic pieces that peel of of the gel pads and replace them once you are done using the belt to get the most life out of your pads. This thing flat out works.