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  • Robe - This is a pretty low-quality adapter

    This is a pretty low-quality adapter. The cord itself seems thin and not very durable, and the little rubber clip that's used to secure the cord to itself when you wrap it up did not work at all, thus you have no way of keeping the cord wrapped up when not in use. The plastic elbow clips did not flip out very well either, and felt like they were going to break. Ended up returning this unit and spending a couple bucks more for the apple adapter.

  • Theresa - Keep with it, it eventually works

    I've had laser hair removal before (obviously I didn't complete the treatments) but wanted a less expensive way to obtaining similar results. I bought this instead of the Tria system 

  • AllenC3 - Old School Product - goofy and irritating

    Other reviews here pretty much cover my thoughts. However none have mentioned that there is no UNDO function like virtually every other program of any type out there. You make a mistake and you have no way to back out of it. This is bad news when you accidentally changed an entry and you don't even know which one or where (this can happen), or if you did a category change on hundreds of entries... incorrectly!

  • Blessed Mama - Really Really Disappointed - Don't Waste Your Money

    Our Little One had a lot to deal with in a short amount of time. She was adopted at 14 months and when she was 4 I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent 2 years of treatments. Shortly before this diagnosis, our family had moved away from the only home she could actually remember, to another home, country and province. She lost almost everything that was familiar to her and the only mama she consciously knew was ill. That is a huge burden for anyone. Naturally, she started acting out once I was out of the woods and healing. We tried the total transformation and found it did not work well. We had been consistently implementing age appropriate common sense techniques along with behavior = consequence type parenting methods, complete with tons of love, affection, praise, etc. So, the repetition, disengaging during disrespectful incidents, etc. was nothing new to us. Both her daddy and myself are tenacious and consistent as the day is long and don't take our job of parenting lightly. We were not at all satisfied with this product. When we tried to return it, we too, received the run around. We were told it takes longer than 30 days to see results (but the refund policy is only for 30 days - imagine that). We tried this program consistently for well over 4 months. It was an absolute failure and to make matters worse, the customer service representatives, who were so beautifully helpful on the phone prior to purchasing this product, when I had questions about it, were just plain rude. Every time I attempted to say something or ask a question, I was interrupted, talked over, talked down to and just in general belittled. If you are going to stand behind your product then really stand behind it and practice the virtues you espouse. I personally don't find it respectful at all to be interrupted while I am speaking. I would correct my daughter for doing that, and TT recommends consequences for disrespect. However, the folks working there are disrespectful to their customers. They follow the absolute hard and fast rules of their 30 day money back guarantee policy, but not necessarily the spirit of a money back guarantee. When a customer service rep says give it a little more time, if you're not happy after 2 more months of applying the recommendations call us back and we will refund your money, but then they don't. Well, shame on me for not getting it in writing and shame on them for lying.

  • Trend - It breaks me out

    I have to give this product at least 3 stars. I loved that it was powder form, and it does look very natural. Although, the minerals are in powder form, this makeup is definitely not like your typical powder. It absorbs into the skin and looks very natural. This makeup doesn't sweat off or "drip into your collar when the weather is hot and humid. The color selections are great and the makeup really does look very natural. The problem: It broke me out, I am allergic to the minerals. This makeup doesn't have a bunch of fillers in it. This is simply powdered minerals. My skin was clear before I started using it. After about one week of using this product, I broke out, my skin really broke out. I didn't want to believe it was the makeup, because, it was perfect in every other way. I stopped using the product and my skin cleared up. I tried it again, and I broke out again. I do not usually have sensitive skin. I can use liquid makeup that cost $2.99 at the drug store. My skin stays clear even if I don't always wash my face before bed. Basically, this makeup is excellent, BUT not for everyone. It's a excellent product if your skin is not sensitive to the minerals. One more thing, if you purchase the foundation, you need to purchase the application brush as well. The brush is essential in applying this product.

  • Linda M. Paz - Compound W Freeze Off Wart Remover-8 oz.

    AWESOME product. Have a little wart on my face and could not get it off. Bought this and it says to not use on face but I did and wham it was gone!!! Worked great.

  • Patricia Johnson Kwartler - Poor Quality : It's not really "Stainless Steel" !

    This product was so disappointing! It stains and holds lots of oil from roasting vegetables making it quite unsanitary. I have two real stainless steel pans of different sizes for over 15 years and they still clean up well. Please remove from market or call it aluminum alloy or whatever it really is 😬