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  • OllieGirl - Love it!

    This is the first cookbook program that I have tried and I love the Living Cookbook. I haven't tried all the features, but so far I am enjoying the program. Recipes can be captured (copied) from other sources such as online and pasted in the recipe. Pictures, website data, tips, comments can all be included. Nutritional data is also provided. This gives you the option of seeing how changing different ingredients can alter nutritional and calorie information. Each recipe is also broken down my a bar graph showing major nutritional data such as fat, carbs and sodium. The only drawback is that each recipe (of course) has to be entered. I wish there was some way it was easier, but once the data is in there you can duplicate to use to create another recipe that uses similar ingredients. It's also supposed to provide Weight Watchers points but I haven't figured that out yet.

  • S. Shelton - So soft

    This oil makes my skin feel softer than ever. I have also noticed less lines and wrinkles after using it only a month.

  • Jason - Here's my honest review

    I love it to death. Literally every time I drink a beer I always use it. It's made me like IPA's even and I used to never drink those. I've gained 5 lbs since I got it! I show it to all my friends and we've done multiple taste tests with it from bottle and through the machine and fizzics wins everytime. Not a gimmick I promise. Pricy yes but who cares you drink a lot of beer anyway so just buy it! Honestly the only downfall is I don't know when to stop pouring it and start switching to the foam part because I don't know how much beer is left, I guess you just have to know how big your cup is and when 12 oz's is at. I can't wait until they come out with newer prototypes maybe one that plugs into the wall instead of batteries because I hate buying batteries. I got 100+ pours from a 4 pack of Duracell. Final answer: go buy it! You will be the king of the party

  • Larissa - Made me hormonal

    I didn't notice a huge difference in my milk. After using it for 2 days, I noticed huge emotional changes. I at first I thought it was something else, so I quit everything I was taking, and just started taking this again by itself. It did the same thing, it made me cranky, irritable, and mirrored PMS emotions. I wouldn't recommend this, especially if you are easily effected by anything that my control your hormones. I feel like I wasted $35