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  • Michael G - Amazing replacement for sprinkler rain sensor

    I have been using the product for about five months. It is so CLEVER! It was simple to install, replaces the old broken rain sensor with a smarter concept, and gives me control wherever I might be traveling. I have actually turned my sprinkler off from the other side of the country. Every home should have one of these!

  • Emanuel Jacques - Tend Skin!

    Superb nothing else is comparable to Tend Skin on the market. Any other skin solution i have tried is futile compared to Tend Skin. I have been using Tend Skin for three years and going and it is the optimal solution available to me on the market. Wish this was sold at common retail stores because Bump Patrol or even shaving cream or after shave is a bad joke. I can now shave without using shaving cream for the pass 3 years and really find after shave to be no more effective than apply rubbing alcohol. This is the optimal "after shave" in my book, hope it stays in business because i recommend this to all my friends and family and it never fails and hope my kids will never have to worry about horrible post-shaving skin irritation due to this solution. I've been buying this on Amazon for the pass three and half years and thank god they are always in stock because it's as necessary to me a toothpaste and body wash.

  • Trials rider - Great bat for the price.

    My daughter had a softball bat which was too heavy for her and after doing a lot of research I picked this size and weight. She loves her new bat and is already hitting much more consistently.

  • Julie - I haven't found anything like it. It's the perfect scouring compound

    I have used this product for years. It used to be called At Ease. I haven't found anything like it. It's the perfect scouring compound! However, you can get it much cheaper by going right to Shaklee's website and ordering it there - $8.50 each. I just ordered as a guest - didn't have to sign up.

  • Kayla Chen - Great Album...Not so great vinyl

    2014 Forest Hills Drive is by far one of my favorite albums I've listened to and I reccomend the music to anyone. So because I loved the album, I decided to order a vinyl version to listen to on my record player. Got here very quickly and everything initially seemed great but when I played it, tracks started skipping to the point where you cannot listen to the vinyl as it repeats a verse over and over again and then skips straight to the chorus. I cleaned my record player and played other vinyls I have and none have the same problem. Very disappointed. Getting a replacement and hoping that it was just my copy that had the problem...

  • Will Hocksteader - Worked as advertised.

    I had an old mid-80s shower stall. I actually have the skills to replace the shower pan, but it was such a shame to replace it just because it was slightly discolored. I used this kit and applied two coats and it looked like new. It has been used daily for 5 months and still looks great. I even replaced the shower doors and it looked like a completely new renovation. My only negative comment would be that this mixes to the consistency of water. Maybe they do that so it can soak into any and every crack but in the case of my project I wish it had gone on a little thicker. Because it didn't go on thick, one coat was not enough and the old stains were still showing so I needed to apply a second coat. As for coverage, the shower pan was the size of a bath tub and even after two coats I still had 3/4 of the paint left. Unfortunately, I could not apply any more for the next 24 hours and since the 3/4 of can would harden before I could use it again, it had to go in the trash. In hindsight I should have mixed the product in a separate container. My guess that if you're doing a full bath tub you will easily have enough for two full coats or more. Also on any project if you want to do more than two coats, get two kits or do what I didn't and mix the product in a separate container because you cannot apply three coats before the mixed product hardens. As for applying the product I used a mini roller and it worked well.

  • NJ Buyer - Crystal Clear Glass Screen Protector for your iPhone 7 Plus

    This review is for the J2CC Tempered Glass iPhone 7 Plus Glass Screen Protector (2 Pack). I've tried a number of different screen protectors for the various iPhone's I have had over the years. I've tried wet applications, dry applications, plastic and glass. This one is one of the best I have ever used. I just installed my 2nd one and could not be more satisfied. It is also very professionally packaged in a hard plastic case to keep them in perfect condition until they arrive.