Fusion Ionz - Official Site of Negative Ion Bracelets and Accessories - Fusion IONZ negative ion bracelets are double blind clinically proven forfor increased strength, balance, energy, muscle recovery and body pain relief. They have also been clinically verified to have the STRONGEST negative ion output of any wristband. See More Infobalance, energy, flexibility,stamina and energy you can buy one todayonline.

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  • http://www.fusionpowerbandz.com/NEW-Fusion-IONZ-Infrared-Adjustable-Bracelet_p_192.html Fusion IONZ Sport Negative Ion Bracelet - Fusion IONZ Sport Negative Ion Bracelet is our most powerful negative ion bracelet. It is made with sturdy surgical silicone and boasts a negative ion output of nearly 4,000 negative ions per CC per second
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  • http://www.fusionpowerbandz.com/Fusion-Ion-STRIPZ_p_172.html Fusion FAR Infrared Strip - Fusion FAR Infrared Strip-ADD FAR INFRARED AND NEGATIVE ION NANO TECHNOLOGY TO ANY SPORTS WATCH OR FITNESS BRACELET FAR Infrared (FIR) and Negative Ion Nano Technology Fusion FAR STRIPZ are made to attach to any silicone bracelet or watch band. They
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  • felicia - Great prosuct!

    I have been using juice plus for almost 2 years. For the first few months I did not notice a change in my energy level. After 6 months my energy level increased I have always been anemic and since taking the product I'm no longer anemic. I absolutely love the product!

  • ebley - Covers angles I didn't realize that I needed covering

    This is a great book - I am a Filemaker guru - and am force (because of the great pay) to use Access. It really helped e transition and realize that this is a much more forward looking product than it used to be with SQL Server backends, Sharepoint etc. Again - angles I didn't realize it could do.

  • N. Graf - Pretty Good Stuff!

    I had a white haze on my two intables located on either side of my sofa from years of setting wet glasses, plates, food, etc. on the table tops. We're all guilty of placing a cold beverage or drink without using a coaster to protect the wood underneath. And after the fact, we all know how it is nearly impossible to get rid of those water rings and spots that damage the wood.

  • Liz Fogg - Unfortunately when I use this on my Kiss handless hair ...

    Unfortunately when I use this on my Kiss handless hair dryer it causes it to become extremely hot to the point of burning my hand because apparently the heat does not properly escape from the attachment. Completely worthless to me.

  • Christopher - You get what you pay for. Keep your expectations realistic and you will be satisfied by this planer.

    I was really excited to hear my package had arrived, and hated the fact that I had to wait a week before getting home to use it. The box arrived completely intact, none of the usual dented corners from a heavy box. It was solidly packaged inside, sandwiched between two form fitting styrofoam blocks. The handle was easy to install, same for the dust collector.

  • Dental Girl - Great ingredients

    These have a great combo of vitamins and "other" stuff =) . There is a months worth of vitamins in this bottle and even at full price --I received a discount for my review-- they are a fabulous value. I have taken similar products in the past with less beneficial ingredients and they worked well. You need to take a product like this for more than a month to REALLY see a difference. For that reason alone I reduced it by one star as I can't honestly attest to the "effectiveness" just yet. But with the list of ingredients there is no way they are not going to make an improvement! These do not make me sick to my stomach like many vitamins do. I am happy with these and would definitely recommend them!