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  • Grammie - Great hair product!

    The last hair spray that I used of this quality was available only in salons and high-end department stores. As you can imagine, it was extremely expensive by comparison. After spraying "Spray and Play", you can run your fingers through you hair, finger toss and re-arrange your hair.

  • Amazon Customer - I bought this phone one week ago... ...

    I bought this phone one week ago... I have no idea why there're some black stripes on my screen. When I increase the light, it's smaller...

  • Scott Craig - Works for me

    I am a 58 yr old male and I have noticed using all 3 products in the 3 step process, that it has cut down on my hair loss, perhaps even thickening it. Now I can put my fingers through my hair and it actually does feel a bit thicker. Not as thick as the hair on the back of my head, but still, not as bad as it was before I started using Nioxin Cleanser, Conditioner and scape treatment. That is the real key, the scalp treatment.

  • Tanja - Limited interface

    I think it is a good magazine but cannot stand that I cannot make sections larger on tap or have a reading view option.

  • Shoe Fly - Love Fairy Tales

    Not a miracle product, but I do believe the rosemary oil helps repel the creepy crawlies. Many children's products smell completely unnatural. This product line does use synthetic fragrance in addition to essential oils, so it isn't perfect, but we tolerate the fragrance much better than stronger smelling products. No sneezing or wheezing when we use this stuff!