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  • Don Mega - She's mean or I'm too sensitive.

    She doesn't hold back. The only thing that would make this better is if she called me by my first name. I've had personal trainers less abusive. Love it!!!

  • T. Smith - I do not like medicines and pills

    I do not like medicines and pills, however I am open to the natural remedies so I thought I would give these a try since I've been having a hard time actually getting any rest lately. I took these the other night for the first time and I have to say I actually fell asleep quite easily, and I stayed asleep! I was not groggy and tired when I woke up. I hope to not even need to take these much but when I know I need some rest, I have the answer now.

  • Erick R. Bair - ZOMG We love Threelac and Fivelac!!!! WOOT! ;-)

    This is the review I wrote for Fivelac, however this pertains the the company GHT who makes both products and Threelac as well since Fivelac has 2 more probiotics but Threelac works very well and tis the pro-biotic I have read Jenny McCarthy used to recover her autistic son.