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  • L. Hayes - Pretty cool

    Pretty fun game if you like to dance. I'd say better then previous versions. It's alot more real like but still cartoon looking ppl. Not like the old games which the appearance was just stupid. The songs are good. New songs nit just reggae and other songs you'd not normally like. I kinda wish I'd have waited to access the extra songs as I need playing oth dr fames and not this so much. But uf you want a hrs to get some dancing in this is fun. I haven't used the phone app because I have a camera to detect me but it's a great option.

  • BlackCoffee - What Happen to Acronis?

    I used TI 2009 under Vista x64 and it worked well. Now, I have migrated to Windows 7 and neither TI 2009 or my upgrade to TI 2010 work. I basically handed Acronis $30.00 and got nothing for it. If you have any doubt, go to the Acronis Forum under support. It is not just a few, loud people. It is long time users that have tried extreme work arounds to get the product working with no success. As of right now, build 6029 is junk and does not work in Windows 7.

  • Honesty - Perfect! Thank you!

    I've been using this for years as it is the only whitener I've used that Truly Whitens!!! And FAST! I have bought many online for a great price, just to find they're expired! NOT these, they are NEW and work great! THanks a bunch!!!

  • Joan - Amberen

    It took care of my night sweats but I actually gained weight and I can't afford anymore weight. I was really hoping to lose some of this weight. I gained 50 lbs since I turned 40 and I am now 43. Another 5 lbs is devistating.