Official Patient Site | EXELDERM® (sulconazole nitrate) 1.0%| - Learn how EXELDERM®—a topical antifungal cream or solution—treats athlete's foot, ringworm, jock itch, and other fungal infections.

  • Official Patient Site | EXELDERM® (sulconazole nitrate) 1.0%| - Learn how EXELDERM®—a topical antifungal cream or solution—treats athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch, and other fungal infections.

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  • Michael Linnehan - The choice was clear...

    My car recently died (blew the engine and all four tires/rims in a death drift race). I was strapped for cash and could either afford a 1995 Honda Civic with a dragon painted on one side or these cables. I went down to the corner liquor store, bought myself some Mad Dog 20/20, chugged it, passed out and woke up three days later to these cables on my doorstep. I immediately started freaking out. "Oh my God! I need a car, not speaker cables!" I exclaimed between violent heaves from the bender three days prior. Little did I know, these cables CAME WITH A 2001 NISSAN 350Z WITH 110K MILES! I was wondering why they were so expensive (no moron would ever pay over $100 for one speaker cable :P). Now my 350Z (I named it Michelle) and I drive around the world, racing in underground leagues to avenge the death of my family.

  • erik - works awesome!

    a very easy and secure fit! would definitely recommend this product. We love our walks/runs with our BOB stroller and so do the kids!

  • Amazon Customer - As expected, fantastic!

    As always, the Awkward Yeti delivers exactly what we all have come to love and expect. A high quality book that is relatable, informative and hilarious! This is just a taste, if you want to see more I recommend purchasing his other Heart and Brain book, or check out the webcomics!

  • Yuuki Tsubo - Nice, full protection, but some minor-major drawbacks.

    I am currently using this Blue/Navy Colored Version of the case with a CHAMPAGNE GOLD iPhone 7 Plus, but the to my taste and liking, the lighter blue tone on the back does not seem to go well with the Champagne Gold back of the iPhone. Full protection all around, on the front side, the perimeter has a raised bezel to protect the front panel, on the back side, the perimeter is once again "raised", or there is some depth to protect the "hideous" camera bump, and a clear, transparent plastic to protect most of the remaining back from scratches, and damages. The Power Button and +/- Volume Buttons are not raised, as they stay flush with the rest of the case, only with indented markings, which to me is not enough to get a hold of the buttons, when not looking. As for the Switch, there is a somewhat big enough cutout, but is not smooth to my liking, which also applies to the cutout for the Lightning Port, which makes holding the iPhone in this case one-handed on the bottom, painful.

  • Harry - ***HOME RUN***

    Amazing model. Moebius really outdid themselves with this one. Excellent parts, low amount of excess flash. Parts fit together almost perfectly. Although the this model is rated at a skill level of 3 I certainly would not recommend this for anyone that's just starting out in the hobby. This kit is for the experienced hobbiest and requires a lot of patience and effort. I gave 5 stars as this one is, perhaps, the best kit I have ever laid my hands on.

  • David - very good

    Aesop's stories are woven deeply into western culture. So many stories we've only heard whispers of. It's well worth reading them in the original, well, a good translation from the original.