Epoch Elder Care - High quality Assisted Living Home in India. Old Age home for elderly with dementia and other health conditions in Delhi, Gurgaon and Pune.

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    This product does work. I've had good success using it in combination with a small amount of Vicks Vapo-Rub, twice/day. After a year of twice/daily use, all of my nails are coming in clear. It will take a few more months for the fungus to be gone completely, but I'm well on my way.

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    Why in the sweet lord's name does this game require an internet connection to play at all.... lunacy. Nice launch day, guys. Real slick.

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    Was looking for a set for around the house and work bench, did not want anything too high end. These are pretty much perfect, nice size as well. Great roll up bag, can even be hung using the grommets.

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    I'm not going to go through the workouts in detail since this has been written several times already! I want to give a background on myself so that if there is someone like me wondering if they can do it, they'll feel better about trying it. I have been a long time beach and indoor volleyball player who had bilateral microfracture surgeries to my knees, and lower back discectomy. I loved Insanity, but did find that even with modification my back pain would flare up. A year ago I was thrown from my horse, broke 3 ribs, my left clavicle and 3 vertebrae. I gained 30 pounds as a result of immobility, depression, etc. Starting in June I tracked my caloric intake using Fitness Pal, lost 15-20 pounds, then in August started T25.

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    My wife has Hashimoto's Disease, a condition of the Thyroid) and was losing considerable amount of hair as a result. This product has miraculously stopped her loss of hair. I really don't have an explanation for it, but it has worked. It is now a "must have" in our household. She swears by it and so do I. The stuff is a miracle in a bottle.