Aarhus University Hospital - Aarhus University Hospital is a large university hospital located in Aarhus in Denmark. Aarhus University Hospital develops and provides highly specialised treatment, research and education at an international level.

Country:, Europe, DK

City: 12.0564 , Denmark

  • A. Manukyan - but this time I really disappointed with this product

    I always try to be objective, but this time I really disappointed with this product, it didn't help me either way, my joints still have a pain, no strength, no performance, no improvement. Used to use the Costco substitute, worked much better, and the price was almost a half.

  • msw8ing - serves its purpose

    It's a checkbook register. Nothing more, nothing less. The rows & columns are unusually small so it makes it a little difficult to write entries but again, serves its purpose, def NOT for sight impaired persons!

  • quasiparticle - Dev ego hurt the franchise

    D3 developers has created a game that is worse than D2. They did it by systematically eliminating all the fun and replay ability features that D2 has. D3 skill selection is dumb down so much that there is 1-3 build max available per class, most skill variations are simple rehash of the base skill, no creative thinking at all. D3 dev talks about not designing to a number, I think they set their number too high, 6 variations (runes) per skill is way too much for the little minded no creativity what so ever that they have.