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  • Luminess - EEEKKKK! You'll be sorry . . . I sure was!

    I just paid $40 to have Staples remove over 200 cases of adware off of my computer! I did not have any issues prior to downloading AVAST, but after downloading it I couldn't even access the internet without constantly being redirected to different sites and having pop ups! I cannot recommend this program. Spend the $20 bucks and get AVG or $30 bucks and get Norton... It protects you better and costs less than having someone remove viruses or adware from your computer!

  • David Feldman - Horrible

    I have been playing SimCity since the very first one in DOS. Some have been better than others, but this is the absolute worst game in the series. I would rather go back to the old DOS version than to play this game with the beautiful graphics.

  • Carmen - Be happier about your job

    I enjoy a lot reading and rereading Dilbert Books, they remember my years in a multinational, working in a cubicle myself!! Al least we can laugh about it.

  • Jason Clayton - My husband needs to wash poison oak off daily and this stuff lasts for like two washes

    Mean Green works just as well and is a whole lot cheaper! My husband needs to wash poison oak off daily and this stuff lasts for like two washes! definitely not affordable for someone who works with poison oak daily and has bad reactions.

  • Virginia Green - I absolutely LOVE this product

    I absolutely LOVE this product! Let me say that I'm a little blown away by some of these bad reviews. First - they do NOT advise you to work out while you are on the cleanse. Your body is working hard to rid it's self of toxins, and to do that, you must take in less calories. Working out is only going to add stress to your body which is going to lead to problems. Second - you do NOT starve yourself. I am on day 4, have lost 8 pounds and guess what? I eat! I try to stick to the guidelines completely, but I listen to my body. If I need some extra food, I have a little. I just make sure its a flex food. Obviously, sticking to the program completely is the optimum way to make you lose weight, but you will lose it regardless! Personally, I feel so good that losing weight is secondary to the health benefits. My suggestion to anyone wanting to do this is to find someone that is/has done it. There are MANY people out there getting GREAT results in weight loss and in overall health. I started the program because I personally know people that are healthier and happier than ever, and the weight is melting off of them. I am SO GLAD I did. My energy levels are great and my body feels rested and happy! If you are reading this and you want some advice on how to maximize your results as well as some tips and tricks for the products, feel free to email me and I would be happy to guide you through your transformation. It always helps to have real advice!!! My email address is [email protected]. I hope everyone that does this has the amazing results that I am getting!

  • Nancy Stricker - I think everyone should use product regularly!

    I like this product. We all underestimate just how many toxins we consume and breathe in daily. Our bodies were nto made to drink chemical sodas and alcohol and preservative laden deep fried chips and sugary candies. This product helps rid your body of the build up of this junk that gets in there over time and overwhelms your liver. Many people get liver disease and liver cancer. You can increase your odds of avoiding this by keeping your liver clean and free of toxins. This product is great and doing just that. I think everyone should use product regularly!