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  • Amazon Addict - Great deal!

    I think the DaoSin works just a smidge better, but it also costs a lot more for a lot less. This is the anti-histamine version that I've settled on and it's cut my migranes (and costly migraine medication consumption) by more than half. No side effects. I recommend!

  • ethan - The game is fine. I just never got the pre-order bonuses promised ...

    The game is fine. I just never got the pre-order bonuses promised by the advertisement, the Hellfighter pack and the pre-order exclusive Playstation theme. Pretty disappointing.

  • Mary E. Peterson - An amazing product

    This stuff is fabulous -saves us hours of cleaning the gas grill. Just cook the meat on the foil and voila.

  • MaryH - 2013 Review

    I purchased a Soda Stream Soda Maker a few months ago from a local Bed, Bath & Beyond store where they also had an abundance of carbonators. The carbonators are $29.99 with no exchange, or $14.99 with an exchange. I've also seen the carbonators at many local supermarkets as well as chain stores like Target, Kohl's and Best Buy. I bet WalMart probably has them, too. What I like: using my own filtered water to make sparkling water anytime I want in a re-usable bottle that I didn't have to pay a bottle deposit on and have to return to a store to get my deposit back. What I don't care about one way or another: the flavored syrups since I'm not a big soda drinker and would rather have sparkling water plain or with a splash of cranberry, grapefruit or orange juice mixed in. What I don't like: can't think of a thing.

  • Lynnell Whitaker - colic soother

    my Uncle who is a pharmacist recommended this product for colicky tummies. Worked like a dream. Eased down the tummy cramps so baby could fall asleep and get several hours rest . so could Mama!!!!! Well worth the money .

  • Amazon Customer - 1 Boxer + 1 Pug + FloorMate = HAPPY MAN

    If you are on the fence because of a few bad reviews please listen closely; this item is awesome! My 2/1 apartment is tile and hardwood throughout and houses 2 people and two dogs in south Florida. Anyone who has been here can tell you Florida equals sandy dirt that tracks EVERYWHERE! This handy device is GREAT for the quick daily dog hair vacuum and floor scrub to keep my house spotless.

  • Ashley G - Been taking this for a year

    I have been taking this once a day for about a year and have definitely noticed the difference. My nails are much stronger. They used to break or split constantly. I won't exaggerate and say I never break a nail anymore. With all the stupid things I do with my hands, that would be physically impossible, but they certainly break much less. The only downside to that is it hurts really bad when I smash a nail into something and it doesn't break off! It just absorbs the hit instead.