ELITE: EQUIPAMIENTO DE OFICINAS::. Mamparas, Suelos, Techos, Tabique Móvil, Entreplantas, Mobiliario, Material de Oficina - ELITE ofrece soluciones cuando se trata de crear espacios, o redimensionar los ya existentes, ya se trate de grandes proyectos ó simples mejoras. Aportando ideas que van desde las puramente funcionales a las mas vanguardistas e innovadoras. Partiendo de los retos que este entorno plantea, hemos desarrollado una organización, desde la que planteamos soluciones a las necesidades funcionales, ergonómicas, estéticas y de espacio que se plantean en los distintos ambientes de las oficinas actuales.

Country:, Europe, DE

City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Mistyblades - smells great but...

    When this product first came out i ran right out and bought basically the next day. I shed SO much i though "this would be great"

  • Nina E. O'shaughnessy - Used JK Lasser's tax book for years.

    Could not complete my taxes without advice from JK Lasser. Have used his income tax book for 10-15 years now. I have found answers to almost all questions that I have re. correct way to file my taxes. Easy to understand and use format.

  • Nola1 - it makes running a comb through my hair extremely easy with less hair on the comb after

    Really helped my thin highlighted hair transform from thin and brittle to healthy and shiny. My scalp was extremely dry and irritated before using this, and when I do not use this for a couple days I can feel a difference. It moisturizes without weighing my hair down. Also, it makes running a comb through my hair extremely easy with less hair on the comb after. I have noticed more hair growth and my hair to be fuller, but I think it is more from having a healthy scalp and less breakage.

  • Maureen B. Ryan - The Best Probiotic!

    I have tried MANY different brands and types of probiotics, having had several different types of digestive and GI problems...ThreeLac is the only one that I have ever felt so strongly about, you actually FEEL it. I HIGHLY recommend this product- it is EXCELLENT!

  • jEsTeR - Diamondback Bike for 5 year old

    We purchased this for my boys 5 year old birthday and he loves it. It is the perfect size (he is 44" tall) and he can grow into this for the next few years. We took the training wheels of and purchased a kick stand (Wald Axle Mount Kickstand (67-16, 16-Inch, 3/8-Inch)) too from Amazon and it all worked out perfect. Cool colors. He loves his new dirt bike.