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    ALL I can say is that this product saved my life, helped my self esteem and has changed my life. I have been suffering for 5 years continuous BV and bacterial infections. I stopped having sex completely with my partner. He didnt want to have sex with me and I dont blame him. Unfortunately our relationship sufffered over this. For the first time in years after going to the doctor over and over again to just get prescription after precription and them telling me the same things I have found relief. I feel like I am starting a new life-----. Women who suffer from this know what it feels like and its horrible. But now I feel like my old self and a new woman.

  • Jeekee - You can't go wrong with this one!

    I have truly enjoyed this book. I ordered it "used" at a deep price savings. You simply cannot go wrong doing this. The book was truly in great condition! As for the contents of the book itself, I enjoyed it so much that I have kept it and referred back to it several times. The program works - I was able to lose about 10 lbs within a 6-week period by reducing and tracking my carb and sugar intake. I kept the weight off until I hit an especially stressful time and then I backslid. I'm glad that I have this book to refer back to when this happens.

  • D. Lewis - My son loves this game.

    My son loves this game. He will play for hours and hours and come and tell me about the characters and their vehicles and everything that he achieves in the game.

  • 2 boys' Mom - Did not meet expectations

    I bought this product in the hopes that it would remove the urine smell in our carpet from where our female cat has urinated many times, and to hopefully deter her from going again in that spot. I absolutely drenched the problem area with this stuff and covered it in plastic for days, let it dry, and then vacuumed with my wet vac (only hot water). Unfortunately, my cat urinated on the spot again. So, I did the procedure again, using more product and letting it "work" for an even longer period. I finished the process yesterday, and my cat hasn't gone there again, but the area still has an odor when the light hits it. Other than it not performing up to my expectations, the fragrance of the product is quite strong. So strong that my husband (who has asthma), couldn't be in the room for days because he had trouble breathing. Just a warning to anyone who is sensitive to smells and/or asthma.

  • Beautiful Stranger - Great book. Meditation is one of my most loved ...

    Great book. Meditation is one of my most loved things to do at whatever point I understand focused. I trust it is useful for your body and soul. The book gave great examinations on the best way to legitimately contemplate of fledglings. It is enlightening and straightforward. Recommended to all.

  • Staxx - Best OTC pain cream I've tried

    As a long time chronic pain sufferer, I was excited to try this cream when Pinchme offered a sample. I don't like using anything habit forming and was instantly attracted to the specifics of this product: long-lasting, non-irritating, no known side effects, no known drug interactions, and a claim for targeting nerve pain symptoms specifically. When you have certain medical issues like I do, from bursitis to fibromyalgia and a shopping list of others, the worst pain moments are when your body touches anything. As you can guess, sleep time is a dreaded event as at least half of your body is touching a mattress or blanket or pillow for as long as you can stand. So, I followed the brief instructions, applied the cream and dared to hope. It absorbs into the skin pretty quickly like a non-greasy lotion. I'm not sure if it's suppose to tingle a bit or if it was just my own reaction, but it was a gentle and pleasant feeling that started before I even finished rubbing the cream into my skin. Pain relief wasn't a miracle instantaneous fix, but within about fifteen minutes or so, some easing of the pain I'm so use to did come, and another half hour later it was dulled to a manageable level. This stuff really is pretty amazing and worked better than some of the prescription medications I've been given to try. No, it's not a cure all, but it's not reasonable to expect it would be. And, yes, I'll still need some of my regular prescriptions, but even to just be able to cut their frequency of use is awesome to me. Everybody's body is different, but I would truly recommend trying this to anyone. To be able to fall asleep a little faster than waiting for exhaustion to overpower pain is an amazing gift in itself.

  • Doug E - Love It!

    Wife is a high-end hairdresser and she loves it! Very little needed to develop a lush lather yet it rinses clean easily. Fragrance is pleasant while in use but very mild after rinsing. It remains to be seen how it works long term on skin condition but we are optimistic for a favorable result; very happy with product.