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  • Steveo - Great VR Headset with Slight Problem Read Review for Details for Nexus 6P Owners!

    Virtual Reality is becoming more and more easily accessible. These VR glasses make it super easy to be somewhere you’re not!

  • Randall B - Great Way To Get Up and Move!

    Part game, part workout video, Your Shape is a great solution for people that need to get more activity in their day. I have high blood pressure and need to be more active to help control it. I also am one of those people who dreads exercise, but Your Shape helps make exercise more enjoyable. If you are already in great physical shape, then this product may not be for you. But if you need a boost to get up off your butt and move, or maintain your fitness level, then this is a great way to do it. I live in Wisconsin, and some winters can be quite long, so this helps stay active while indoors. There are more options than I expected to keep me interested and target areas of my body. The old saying "There is no better medicine than sweat" will ring true here as several days later you will notice how much easier it is to improve time and scores. The kinect sensor works well for me, though this is not for people with cramped play areas. In closing, if you are inactive, or need to increase your activity, this is a highly recommended way to increase your daily activity.

  • Diamondbrite - It is easy to use

    I originally bought this product for my husband who is balding but he never used it so I decided to try it myself since my hair has been thinning at the bangs area for quite a few years. It is easy to use, especially with the Toppik Spray Applicator. I spray it at the root and under my hair (I side part so I spray at the center and "comb over"). It's great for me since I don't have "bald spots" so I fill these in, effectively camouflaging the scalp under my hair.

  • Amazon Customer - greatwatch. 7 year old loves it

    great watch. 7 year old loves it, easy for any kid that has used ipad or kindle. if she gets tired of games, it still is great for time, both analog and digital, has calendar, stop watch, etc. she will never get tired of the camera, video and recording features. i did stress for her to be careful not to drop it and also to close the port for charging and downloading pics so it won't get dirt or water in the usb port. great gift that will be enjoyed as well as educational for years.

  • Ralph A. - It was too small for intended purpose but it was ...

    It was too small for intended purpose but it was as advertised. I expect to use it someday on another bike.

  • K.M. - So far it's great!!! No issues!!! Loveit!!!

    I purchased this on Kickstarter. The first few nights took some adjustment as I have a bad back. After the first few nights though I haven't had any issues since we started using this since probably mid December. My old mattress was a memory foam by Anatomic Global that we paid too much for looking back now. It is about 2 or 3 years old but it seemed like it was already starting to "bounce back" less than when we first bought it. It also held body heat too much. It wasn't uncommon to be throwing the covers off in the middle of the night due to being too hot. My back would also be stiff and hurting when I would first get out of bed. Now with this bed by Purple my wife and I don't get hot and my back doesn't hurt like it did with the old mattress. I'm not saying that my back doesn't ever hurt in the mornings anymore, it's just a lot less with this new mattress. I also don't wake up as much I used to with the old mattress, which was usually due to my back hurting. I don't know how it will hold up over time, but so far this is a big upgrade over the old mattress for a lot less money. I don't know if a mattress heating pad can be used on it because of the polymer top but, it hasn't been cold enough that I've needed it yet either. Time will tell how it will hold up. If your debating about buying one my advice would be to buy it.