Home - Durso Standpipes - Durso Standpipes are used to make your aquarium overflow (weir) nearly silent. We help you make your own or purchase them ready made!

  • https://www.dursostandpipes.com/store/ Durso Standpipes - Silence your Overflows! - Durso Standpipes are the industry standard way to silence the sound of aquarium overflows. Now aquariums are welcomed in quiet locations likes bedrooms, dining rooms and stores.
  • https://www.dursostandpipes.com/9-uncategorised/71-silence-your-overflow Silence your Overflow! - Durso Standpipes - Durso Standpipes are used to silence the sound of your aquarium overflow (weir).

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  • kerry bryant - Good, but short on achievments

    Better control than 09, and a few new features make it really hot really fast, but after about 3 weeks you relize youvé got all the achievments.

  • JOATMON - So far so good..

    So far so good.... mid 2011 iMac 27". Replaced the original drive. Used TimeMachine to back everything up and to restore (around 2 hours to back up 500gig using Thunderbolt 1 to Pegasys and the 2 hours to restore OS X). I was somewhat reluctant to do it because I have BootCamp using Parallels, and my understanding was that TimeMachine does not back up the BootCamp drive. So, when the drive arrived, I immediately installed it (forgetting to backup bootcamp seperately). To my pleasant surprise, Windows is still here and working like I left it. I'm not sure if it's because OS X now backs that up, or because I had parallels running in coherence mode. Either way, I'm very pleased that everything is still working. The incredible speed in which my apps open is downright eerie. Not used to this "instantaneous" response (I have Acrobat installed on Windows 7 boot camp in Parallel coherence mode, and when I click on a .pdf, I barely blink and it's displayed). Downright INCREDIBLE. SPECIAL NOTE: If you're replacing drive, in order to reinstall OS X you need to chose the disk utility to format the SSD after you've installed it ( when it boots up for the first time) or else the system won't recognized it to reinstall OS X.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing. Perfect fit

    Amazing. Perfect fit. Covers perfectly. Wished Velcro was in circle around the speaker, but other than that, awesome! Easy to clean.

  • Anonmymous - So So

    I used another product 1st for nearly a year and then switched to this one. I think this is working better, hair growth has been reduced but not eliminated. The refill cost is proving to be a bit cumbersome. All in all with time and money spent I might have been better off having it professionally done.