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  • Shawn B. - (UPDATED)Would not hold charge. Decided to spend a little more.

    UPDATE: After returning this product, I received an Email from the seller expressing their sincere apologies and went above and beyond to ensure my satisfaction as a consumer. For this I am extremely impressed! There are not a lot of companies left that will actually go out of their way to make sure YOU are happy!!! After receiving a replacement product, everything is as should be. It charges and takes forever to drain! (still have not fully discharged it!)

  • N. Miller - Works great for mirror on door

    I bought two packs of these for a big 16lb wood frame mirror that I wanted to put on a hollow core door. I thought about multiple ways to screw it onto the door but using these was way better and less stressful. Looks nicer and less damaging too. I probably could have just used 1 pack but since it was on a door and would be jostling around I wanted to make sure it wouldn't budge. Been up for about a month now and no issues.

  • Jonathan Dillard - This is a great power source

    This is a great power source. I got it and immediately plugged it in to power it up. It did not come with instructions, but the use of USB ports and power cords is pretty self explanatory. The cord that it came with is not very long, about 4inches. Also, the cord does not have a way to plug in, so you have to get a USB wall plug to put on the power cord. Should not be a problem since most electronics that use a USB to power up have one that detaches. If not, I think I remember seeing one on the counter of a drugstore, also at convenience store, for pretty cheap. With the power supply to the battery worked out, I waited until it charged (about 4 Hours). Next, I set out to see how long it would take to charge my phone (left it unplugged the night before just for that purpose). It was able to charge my phone in about 3 hours, while leaving it functional. I wanted to test the limits of the power supply, so I continued to use the battery to charge my cell phone completely for the next 3 nights. After that, I was able to top off my wife's phone, and provide power enough to my Kindle to finish a book before it died (about another hours worth of power).

  • Acasio - Big Rip Off!!

    Paid for 32 packets/case of Zija Smart Mix and got 1 box that contained 8 packets. I returned it so I could get my money back. Just beware of this company posing to sell 32 packets for $86.00 and then sends 8 packets worth about $25.00. Big rip off!!

  • ipek - So helpful

    Its so handy...helps me to prepare for the exam... I just didn't get that it says u can register online and study online the book that you bought but i really couldn't figure that out.. Anyway great book...

  • Frances Sewell - All the extra heads are great. I can just change it out when I ...

    All the extra heads are great. I can just change it out when I want to. I like the idea of the UV light to disinfect the head.