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  • Dale T. Brose - Not Convinced

    I purchased this product at the recommendation of my dentist as a treatment for gingivitis. He said most mouthwashes on the market are alcohol based antiseptics, but this product is an anti-bacterial. So I continued to floss twice and brush three times per day, using this mouth rinse each time I brushed. After six months my dental gum pockets were deeper than before, and I was also having pain when I brushed. Two months ago I switched to Cepacol from CVS which is also an anti-bacterial, and is also lower priced. Since then, my teeth seem to not be as painful as they used to be. I don't know if it's because of the Cepacol, or maybe it's related to the nasal saline irrigation that I've been doing for the past few weeks to combat a chronic sinus infection. Time will tell I suppose.

  • porgyluvzbess - I have a pretty long commute and I usually have to stop at ...

    No side effects for me so far. I take two in the morning and the only thing I've noticed is a tremendous urge to pee. I have a pretty long commute and I usually have to stop at least twice I've dropped two pounds after a week of use though I'm also doing whole30 so not sure where the weight loss is coming from. Also, I crash pretty hard around 5pm, but that could be due to the whole30.

  • Armonia - Not ready for prime time

    I am a long time Quicken user. I find it amazing that a very large, reputable company like Intuit would release a software product like Quicken 2014 that is clearly not ready for prime time.

  • D. Marino - Good game, bad service, and DO NOT BUY GLU CREDITS.

    The graphics and gameplay are good, but I strongly caution against making in-app purchases for credits. I received every credit I bought, only to see those credits disappear immediately. In addition, I was to receige 200 credits for a 10,000 kill achievement, only to receive 100 of those credits, and then have the ones I did get disappear. Multiple emails/tickets to customer service have gone unanswered. Be warned.

  • Don Kolmodin - ... year in a row that we have purchased these beautiful annual stars

    This is the 13th year in a row that we have purchased these beautiful annual stars. We would like to continue this for another 13.