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  • Suk W. Yu - It does get better over time(several days) and with more exposure your body ...

    Im a Vive headset owner. For people who are jumping on the VR bandwagon for the first time, they need to understand that they are probably going to have to avoid lot of fast moving action game such as DriveClub or Eve Valkyrie game and of course you will be fine playing those games after several days of use of psvr headset. It does get better slowly over time(within a week) and with more exposure your body will eventually get used to it. Lot of Nintendo 3DS users had the same problem(dizziness) but hardly nobody complain because they overcome those issue within a week. Oculus early prototype version sold over 200,000 units since 2012 and nobody had a issue with their eyes so don't believe what other VR haters said. Apple,Google,Sony,Facebook will not involve in VR tech if its dangerous. There are very smart people working in those companies.

  • Miguel Gonzalez A - It captures every movement with great detail.

    My little brother and his friends use this digital video camera to record their Parkour traces, it’s really great they tape every time they meet and watch afterwards all the movements trying to study to make them better and improve their skills, the cam is really awesome thanks to the 720p HD digital video recording they can take each and every movement with great detail and if they need they can also take pictures, sometimes I go and help them taking the cam to record and I love all the functions and features on this it’s a pretty cool cam.

  • Shirley - All mixed Up

    I think I must have gotten a defective set. Each bag contained lots of pieces that did not assemble anything. Everything was mixed up. My son is 4 and loves opening a lego every day, but gets very frustrated when the pieces do not make anything. I am sending this back. Annoyed. This is my second major disappointment from Amazon this holiday season, they are losing their game.

  • Angie McCullagh - My nine-year-old son loved this

    We loved this calendar. My son looked forward to getting up every morning in December so he could find what he was supposed to build everyday. Considering that a Lego mini-figure costs $3.99 (which is insane), this isn't too badly priced.

  • Robert Cole Dillman - Amazing Show!!!!

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! The main reason I watch this is because of Grey!! Seeing all of these negative reviews and "please stop the show" irritates me. You PAID to watch it, nobody made you and nobody is making you continue to watch it.

  • Bruce L. Darling - Comprehensive annual reference work.

    A well organized, comprehensive annual reference. Authorative and easy to use. A great value. Everything needed for personal tax returns.

  • rommel - best in its class product.

    best in its class product. my whole family enjoys using this product. After two weeks of continued use you'll feel younger, stronger, and healthier.