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  • Heather - seems pretty protective. The edges are raised enough even with ...

    The case fits snugly and at least superficially, seems pretty protective. The edges are raised enough even with a tempered glass screen protector where I feel comfortable that the screen will be safe if it dropped on the front. The ports fit perfectly over the speakers and the buttons are easily accessible (at least much more than the defender). My aftermarket charger also fits through the port which is nice. Only problem is that mine came in just a plastic bag with the instruction sheet and warranty information, no plastic packaging? I hope it's not counterfeit...

  • maiden0923 - Just a slight disappointment

    Got home with my Halestorm Live in Philly DVD/CD combo. Was all excited, couldn't wait to show my wife what these guys, especially Lzzy, are like live (she unfortunately hasnt seen them yet). Popped the DVD in, started the concert..........WTF?????????? They edited Lzzy's trademark intro to Its Not You!! WHY???

  • Becky W. - Already waiting for the next

    I shamelessly love this series, so take that into consideration. Some of the things that annoyed me in earlier books were downplayed in An Obvious Fact, which I like, such as the romance between Walt and Vic. I find this to be one of those rare cases where the Netflix series is better than the books.

  • Bruce - Another Gimmick

    I laugh at these exercise gimmicks. Ooo...this was on Shark Tank, so it must be good! Remember the ThighMaster, Shake Weight, Ab Lounge? It's just another flimsy piece of plastic for your collection. Physically, mentally, spiritually...walking is the best exercise.

  • Maria - great quarter holder book

    Daughter received as a gift and was such a superior book for collecting compared to the one son had that we ordered one to replace his. Place for both D and P for each quarter. Easy to load with sliding clear plastic windows.