Home - Jennifer F. Kelly, Ph.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and has been the Director of the Atlanta Center for Behavioral Medicine since 1994. She addresses a variety of mental health concerns in her practice, with expertise in treating disorders that involve the relationship between physical and emotional conditions.

  • http://www.drjenniferkelly.com/index.php/dr-kelly-received-the-2012-timothy-b-jeffrey-memorial-award.html Dr. Kelly is the recipient of the 2012 Timothy B. Jeffrey Memorial Award - Dr. Jennifer Kelly is elected to receive 2012 Timothy B. Jeffrey Memorial Award for Outstanding Contributions to Clinical Health Psychology.

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  • Liberty29 - Migrated to Outlook 2010 at work

    Not nearly as comprehensive as I had hoped a "How to" book of 500 pages would be. Having said that I should clarify that it's not really oriented to offices where an assistant manages multiple calendars, for example. I'm ordering another book in the hope that it will provide more detail/cover topics not in this book.

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    Very easy to install. Only complaint is that they do require drilling per the instructions. I didn't install the screws that required drilling and they seem to very sturdy.