Dr Douglas Samuel gastroenterologist digestive liver diseases - Dr Douglas Samuel is a consultant physician specialising in gastrointestinal and liver disorders. His main rooms are within North Shore Private Hospital.

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  • MrStripes84 - Smells so good!

    I received this as a gift with my first child 3 yrs ago and have purchased it since. It leaves my babies smelling soooo good after their bath, and I've found the Aveeno products to be very good for their sensitive skin.

  • Falon Lawson - DO NOT BUY THIS STUFF!!!

    This stuff should not be on the market! After I used it for about 2 days I was jittery, my heart rate was through the roof, and I almost passed out at work! Threw the rest of it away! Not worth it!!!!!

  • jkk5us - My Favorite

    I wish this was available in decaf and I wish it was available all year long. I do not want to drink any other coffee.

  • marissa mccaffrey - gets your hair nice ,shiny ,and smooth!

    i have been using this product for about 3 weeks now and i do see a difference not only on the edges but on the roots... seems like my hair is growing faster than before- got the conditioner as well...love it~!

  • John Perkins - good software

    Good software for 2010 now i go to check out the software of 2013. I am sorry that this review might not help you in desiding what to get.

  • Miatch01 - Will use friday

    Some people think that buying these detox products then using them immediately without knowing how detox products work are just plain dumb. You must know how they work to understand how to use them. I read some reviews and people are saying, "well I bought it and drank it, then drank lots of water, then had to pee all day, but then i tested and failed, do not buy product...blah blah blah"...listen up people, the fact that it makes you have to pee all day is the point....but you have to pee at least 4-5 times to allow the detoxifying agents to take effect and be what you're expelling from your body...you can not just drink it, then drink a lot of water and go without peeing bc then when you do pee, you'll be peeing out all of the toxins that the drink or product you used are trying to expel quickly from your body. Drinking lots of water allow the product to take effect....you could drink a lot of water all day, pee a few times, then take a test without the product and still pass a test, but it'd be close...most do not realize when you take a drug test, they are measuring the amount of certain substances in your urine not if there are any toxins in your pee....drinking lots of water will dilute your urine to allow pretty much only water to be expelled. there are also proteins and other things in your urine that are holding such toxins in your body, which is why just water will result in an inconclusive result. These detox products put lots of proteins and amino acids and such back into your body that way when you urinate, you're not just peeing water, which will result in inconclusive test result...you must drink the products exactly as they're explained on packaging. if you drink it too early, or too late, you're going to be peeing out toxins that are coming back into your urine, or the leftover toxins the product wasn't able to expel BEFORE the test. Most drinks you have are meant to be ingested 1-3 hours before your test, and you must drink at least a gallon of water to allow yourself 4-6 urinations expelling most of the toxins from your body. Most people will drink these drinks and other products to cover up marijuana, which is stored in fat cells, so exercising within three days of your test will release way more toxins into your body that will be expelled in your urine. Also, eating a bunch of greasy McDonalds or fatty substances will make your body hold more toxins inside of you before your test. DRINK CORRECTLY, DONT EXERCISE, DRINK MORE THAN A GALLON OF WATER and do all of this at least 3 hours before your test, and urinate at least 4-5 times beforehand. You will never fail. I have done this countless times, and I have never failed a urinalysis while using a detox product. granted, some are better than others, and the more they cost the longer they'll last most likely, but there are NO products that you can drink more than 5 hours before a test and still pass, stop being ignorant, and do some research, you will be fine. educate yourselves just a bit, and never rely on anything anyone else tells you, unless you know for a fact they have used the product and still passed....one last thing, everyone is built differently so if you're heavier, or have more fat than most, you'll need to drink more water than those who are thinner with less fat. If you're thin you'll need to drink a lot of water as well, but you should definitely not eat anything other than some fruit, maybe some oats or oatmeal, this will bring your fiber levels up which also help your body expel toxins quickly, through urine, and feces. I suggest that everyone take the amount of water suggested on product box or online, and drink 1/4 more than it suggests, thus giving you that extra little bit of time you might need.

  • R. P. Perkins - Long live Barry

    This album is a great surprise. I saw Barry on tour two years ago and he was excellent as is this new album. There are a couple of songs that are just so-so but the rest is excellent. Great writing and production. It's nice that his family is part of this new piece