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  • alex - Could not get the 2014 software to work correctly

    After over 15 hours with quick books support, over multiple days, they were never able to get this to work correctly on my computer. Yes I ordered the correct software for my windows. 2012 QB pro has worked great on the same computer for years with no issues. At least QB support offered a full refund once I mailed them the software back. I think it was a software issue (bugs) within quick books 2014, and not my computer.

  • Mommy V - Seriously the best Vegan cheese out there!

    Taste soo good! It MELTS! I use it on pizza, quesadillas, grill cheese, burritos, and sooo many other recipes. It's so nice to have a substitute for our family! Even our non-vegan friends didn't even notice the difference. (Exception of hard core cheese fans) I'm so happy about this product!

  • Melissa D. - Super, just like the physical magazine

    I access this magazine from my Asus Tablet on the Kindle App and it looks just like the physical magazine - except better because it doesn't kill trees and I'm more likely to carry my tablet than 5 magazines around. Also offers a double tap to read in a more simple text format instead of reading it from the magazine pages.

  • BibiLuv - Horrid!

    I've bought this a few times thinking maybe I can get used to it and end up throwing it out every time. It is really awful and I'm so surprised by the rave reviews for it. I'd rather do without, thank you.