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  • Jennifer Madrid - Beautiful car seat

    Beautiful car seat. It's easy to install and can be used in many different position in many different cars. I wish it was more affordable so we could have two.

  • Lori A. Grove-flynn - Defective and Very Hard to Get Help

    My husband purchased this for my birthday (at my request). It arrived quickly but when it was assembled it did not run. The incline did not work, the motor would not accelerate and it was very loud. We have called customer service numerous times but it took 2 weeks to get a repair man to come to our house even though the unit was defective from the first. Once the repair man came he determined a bar on the bottom of the treadmill was bent and cracked and unable to be repaired. We now have an unfixable treadmill sitting in our master bedroom waiting to be returned.

  • Amber B - They work!

    My six week old son seems to have a lot of gas issues. He will scream this horrible screen of pain and it takes forever before you can get the gas out. I bought these probiotic drops and crossed my fingers. After a few days I noticed that my son was not as gassy and irritable. After a week or so I forgot to give him The drops and I noticed he became gassy and fussy again. I resumed giving him the drops and after a couple of days he was all better. I will not forget to give him the drops ever again. I swear they make a big difference. It's a very small amount that he gets so it's simple to administer. It comes with a marked dropper. This does not need to be refrigerated. I use other Mommy's bliss products and I love them all. I will repurchase.

  • Amazon Customer - The product was perfect as described

    The product was perfect as described. Im 6'5 and it is barely tall enough on the highest setting. It took over 2 weeks to make it to my house.

  • Nichole Vantassell - Perfect for Sensitive Skin

    I was originally using Aveeno Lightly Scented baby wash on my baby girl (smells so good). She was covered in hives/rash so I switched to this (not the yummy smell but I would rather her skin is in good shape) and have been using it on her for 3 months and her skin is perfect now! I am not sure if it is tear free so I am very careful while washing her face.

  • LadyBlue - Must taste horrible

    This seems to work "when I can get my cat to take it." He hates the taste even when I sneak it into tuna water or fishy cat foods. Too bad it doesn't have a desirable flavor. It only takes a few drops each day but getting those few drops administered is hard to do