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Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Amazon Customer - "Great Price, Great Quality "

    I have always been a fan of Sony and Samsung. Both good Tv's, what sold me to get this X700D 55" was the price, image is very bright for my "bright " living room, and has HDR upgrade for later through the year. Weird how I was asking at Best Buy, Fry's more info on the Tv model in regards the HDR Upgrade, and they looked at me like "what are you talking bout?", Guess I was more informed about the HDR upgrade. This is where I checked,

  • Renee J. Gibson - Works, especially if applied to feet

    Initially I used this product on my children's chests and it worked great on my daughter (2 1/2) but not as great on my son (1 1/2). Plus, my son would wake up crying, get his hands in the rub and then rub his eyes! That could not have felt good. THEN I learned that your feet really soak up whatever's applied to it so instead of putting it on their chests and neck I gooped some on the bottoms of their feet and then covered their feet. The coughing completely disappeared all night. I was warned to be careful when applying this to the bottoms of children's feet because they tend to soak up stuff at a much higher rate than adults (because this is suppose to work on people of all ages!) but I just had to try it after nights of no sleep and coughing. I didn't see any harmful reactions and hope to not see any in the future because it truly works. I will try this on myself next time I'm sick and will continue to buy this product for decades.