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  • IslandSandy - Time will tell but I really like this product.

    I have had nail fungus under three toenails since I was a young child. I have tried many products both prescription (Lamisil and Penlac) and over the counter and none have made any difference. I work at a drug store and have tried virtually every product we sell and they have made no difference. I have tried all the home remedies such as soaking in vinegar, vaseline, tea tree oil, etc. The vinegar and tea tree oil have done more than anything else. When I saw this I thought it was economical and I would try it to see.

  • Jeffrey D Borgholthaus - This 2016 version is not nearly as beautiful as the 2015 star

    This 2016 version is not nearly as beautiful as the 2015 star. The glass is dull and does not refract the light with the brilliance of the 2015 model. I purchased two, and they are both the same. While pretty, they pale in comparison to last year's star. Kind of disappointed. It is like the glass was cut, but then not polished.

  • Phyllis Wheatley - Buyers Beware - Customer Service Charges Fees

    Any new buyer of any Quicken product should be aware that if you go onto their customer service website (where their telephone directs you and then promptly hangs up on you), you will be charged. I was fine with Quicken 2008 until my hard drive was replaced. I installed my old 2008 software and all i needed was my original serial number but when I went onto their help site, they wanted to charge me $38 for help !!!!

  • Sebastian - Horrible

    Game is not what it says it is, requires Steam, which pretty much gave my computer a virus, so ya, I would not download this.

  • Diane - Says can be shared across multiple devices. Only goes ...

    Says can be shared across multiple devices. Only goes to my phone, where it is do small it's unreadable.

  • stephen - this thing works great for getting a close shave without any irritation or ...

    I got this trimmer at walmart to try out, shaving leaves me irritated and decided to get a real trimmer to replace those bead trimmers. this thing works great for getting a close shave without any irritation or razor bumps. you will of course not get as close as a razor, but you will get far closer then those highly advertized wireless beard trimmers.

  • A. Needham - Terrible!

    You will get better more meaingful information about becoming a fighter pilot by finding an antiquated "After Burner" video arcade game. This guy hasn't even earned his wings!!!! Great job idiot!!! I actually earnd my wings of Gold and am an FRS Instructor. With a draw down of forces I am hopeful that the training command finds this jerk another job., We don't need him. It is arrogant idiots like this that crash airplanes.