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  • https://www.davidson.edu/news/news-stories/161013-mark-d-johnson-appointed-new-ccmo College Appoints Mark D. Johnson to Lead Communications & Marketing - Davidson College - Davidson College has hired Mark D. Johnson to serve as Chief Communications and Marketing Officer (CCMO). This is a new position at Davidson reporting directly to President Carol Quillen and providing counsel on institutional communications and leadership in public affairs, marketing, branding and crisis communications.
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  • Jenncess - Need 2 people... yes... it takes two people to do this right...

    Ok... so let me start this by saying for me... this is not a one person operation... Trying to keep the wrap in place while applying the cellophane was a comedy and if I had video recorded it, I could have ended up on America's funniest home videos... But you know... I am not showing off this pasty white belly to anyone.

  • Solga - Not a very Happy Camper

    I had a crash on the program with a down load from my bank. The program only locked up on the one account that I was down loading at the time. It would not re set. Spent an hour on line typing to tech support with no luck. (they instructed me as if I was a computer wiz, which I am not) There was no one to call because it was a weekend. I spent another hour trouble shooting and good think I had a clean back up. Re installed the program and backed up with my clean copy and I am so far back in business, I will have to wait until the next down load from my bank to see if I am out of the woods. The error was sent to Intuit and I hope they fix it. This is the only problem I have had with Quicken in many years. The program is not cheep and you would think that it should work and convert to operate with banks properly. WAIT AND SEE!

  • Lori - Saved my cats life!

    My cat is 18 years old and neurotic. He's been on Prozac and other medications for being moody. He howls, whines, shreds paper, and pees on towels and clothes of the floor, as well as mats in the bathroom.

  • Alethea Coker - Awesome Product!

    I was hesitant on buying this because of the negative reviews that I read but I gave it a try anyways. This stuff actually works when you follow the directions! I have had all my previous tattoos without any numbing cream and they hurt every time. The tattoo I recently got while using Hush was on my wrist and it was very tolerable. It started to wear off near the end of the session but I expected that to happen, as this is only a topical anesthetic. I highly recommend using this when getting a tattoo, but I also recommend getting a tattoo first without any anesthetic so you can tell the difference. :)

  • dntexas - Harmful Scam...

    I usually buy my skin care from my doctors office and have been spoiled by being told truthfully what to expect from a product. When I was approached at my health club and given this lengthy sales pitch, so full of promises, I guess I thought they were the same caliber as my doctor's group. Not so. After I bought the package I never heard from the sales person again. After spending almost $400...nothing. I used the Nu Skin Galvanic Spa and gels system for over 3 months and could see absolutely ZERO difference in the tone or tightness of my skin. All the hype about how this would plump my skin with new collagen production...I saw nothing. What I did get however, were big red bumps that broke out on my face, repeatedly. As it was summer and especially hot, I thought I was getting some kind of heat rash. Finally a trip to the dermatologist suggested that I was allergic to something I was using. When I stopped using the Nu Skin system, my skin cleared up. I'm 58 and have used a lot of different skin care products over the years and never once have I had an allergic reaction to anything. When I tracked down an email address to contact the sales person, she told me that another client of hers had the same reaction and that I needed to spritz water on my face before applying the gel and again over the gel. I tried that and it made no difference. My guess is that the gels are the problem and since my skin is pretty normal, I imagine a lot of others have had this same issue. I was so determined to get my money's worth out of this, but at last, I have to face the fact that I got scammed. This product is virtually worthless, unless you can put a value on big red bumps that take weeks to completely go away.

  • J. Hawaii - NOT ALL THAT

    I wanted to like this product, but in all honesty it didn't do much for my hair. It didn't feel all that clean, and it has kind of a strange smell. ...keep looking, and let me know if you find a good hair product out there =)