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  • Data Mining Research - | New? - I frequently receive e-mails and comments of people interested in data mining as a job or for their studies. Since I don't have time to answer all the requests,
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  • How Analytics tools are shaping the growth story across industries | Data Mining Research - - Today's guest post is written by Mohammad Farooq If there’s one thing that businesses across all industries have in common today, it’s in their increased
  • Sandro Saitta : Data Mining Research - Computer scientist with a PhD in data mining. Blogger at
  • Data Science Book Review: The Data Science Handbook | Data Mining Research - - The Data Science Handbook gathers 25 interviews of Data Scientists. Interviews are well done, most questions depending on the previous answer. This gives a nice
  • Data Science Book Review: Everydata | Data Mining Research - - Going opposite direction to the current Big Data trend, Johnson and Gluck discuss the little data we consume everyday in their book Everydata. The book is a

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  • Stauffer - Much better alternative to a traditional mop for cleaning spills and ...

    Use this with the wet pads to do some spot cleaning on our floors at work. Much better alternative to a traditional mop for cleaning spills and small messes. The sweeper is just plastic screwed together, so it is a bit flimsy; I don't use it for hardcore cleaning, so I don't mind. I imagine it would be difficult to clean large areas on a regular basis and also costly. I would stick with a traditional mop if you need to deep clean large square footage.

  • patricia hastrich - it gets super hot and the directions are impossible to read

    i have tried and tried to get it to work.....lite blinks thats it. it gets super hot and the directions are impossible to read. i cant imagine anyone really has had any success. very disappointed

  • ANNETTE E BROWN - Great Digital Reference

    I enjoy the idea that I have digital access to the reference on my tablet notebook. It makes writing on the go much easier.

  • Critic - Love this

    I always order this at Smoothie King and would have this for dinner and my abs have never looked better. I ordered the powder at home and I love it. Tastes great and works for weight loss or maintaining a petite toned physique.

  • pclark - Five Stars

    We have really enjoyed this essential oil diffuser. Good product, good value and good people to do business with.

  • K. Burke - Very Dissapointed in the on line format

    Before it was easy to go directly to the New Yorker and retrieve any archived issue I pleased. So typical. When something is working great, some total idiot has to decide to screw it up